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White vinegar as herbicide

White vinegar as herbicide

Having a garden is a wonderful way to connect with the world and with nature. If you have children you can teach them about plants, nutrition and the natural world. You need to learn to control weeds so that the health of your plants is not harmed. But do you use herbicides?

All gardeners should learn to control weeds but it is not a good idea to use chemical products because you can put the environment at risk, but also your health and that of your family. The chemicals you can find on the market are highly toxic, but luckily we have alternatives. White vinegar can be used as a natural remedy to kill and eliminate all weeds. If you want to know everything about the use of white vinegar as herbicidekeep reading this Green Ecology article.

white vinegar

White vinegar is commonly used in cooking, but you may want to skip this use and use it in your garden to kill weeds. White vinegar that you can buy at the supermarket is strong enough to quickly kill weeds.

To kill weeds quickly (within the same day), the vinegar will need to have an acetic acid concentration of at least 10 percent. If it is smaller it will take longer to kill it. the vinegar of 10 percent acetic acid You can find it in nurseries, but not in a supermarket.

White vinegar as a herbicide - White vinegar

How does it work

But how can vinegar kill weeds? The acid in the vinegar dries and doesn’t let weeds grow. That is why it is very important that the vinegar only touches the leaves of the weeds.

Although vinegar cannot harm the roots of the plant, the best way to use it is to kill the weeds. when they are young and pull them out of the ground with their roots intact. Also, be careful when spraying vinegar as it can kill plants.

How to make the herbicide

To use white vinegar to kill the weeds, you must:

  1. Mix white vinegar with natural lemon juice. You must mix the two (1/4 of lemon juice per liter of vinegar).
  2. After making the mixture you should put it in a spray bottle and cover the leaves and stems of the weeds.
  3. The hotter it is or the more direct sunlight it gives the plants, the more effective the spray will be.

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