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What are the fastest growing hedges and trees

What are the fastest growing hedges and trees

When you buy a new home with a nice garden, you have to think of ways to fence it off in order to have good privacy and intimacy inside your home and also outside. There are those who prefer to fence it with stone or cement wallsbut there are also people who choose other types of more natural methods.

One way to fence a garden is with hedges and also if trees are added, much more privacy will be obtained, for this reason it is interesting to know what are the fastest growing hedges and trees to know that in a short time you will have a beautiful natural wall that will protect you from prying eyes. Do you want to know what some of them are?

Some considerations to keep in mind

if you are looking for fast-growing trees or hedges You should choose those that grow at least three feet tall in a year, as they would otherwise be too small. Evergreen trees and hedges are best suited as both their leaves and branches grow throughout the year and will offer you total privacy.

There are also hedges that can measure more than three meters high and almost two meters wide so you can have a good hedge that gives you great privacy.

the cypress

The cypress is a tree that also grows very fast and that it is great to have privacy in your home. Normally it is usually planted to accompany cement or stone walls, but being so high they provide great privacy for people who have them in their garden.

In addition to being very common in Spain (you can see them in cemeteries and large farms) they also provide excellent protection against the wind throughout the year, since they are also evergreen. a big cypress can reach great heights.

What are the fastest growing hedges and trees - The cypress


There are many species of Privet but if you like it you should choose the one that is more resistant and grow faster (You can see an example in the cover photo of this article). These plants can bring you beautiful flowers in spring and summer, but they have a rather big drawback: they attract bees and wasps. But so that this does not happen, you must prune the hedge before the flowers arrive.

The Privet grows up to three and a half meters high and it can also measure up to two meters wide with a very compact structure.

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