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Wax Flower Growing Tips

Wax Flower Growing Tips

It is a curious plant where there are. The wax flower (also known as ‘fleshy hole‘) is a climbing species that gives beautiful white and pink flowers. The quilted star-shaped flowers and fleshy leaves give the plant a somewhat quirky look, which really does look artificial.

It is an indoor plant of the family of the Apocynaceae that little care required Apart from being watered, it is therefore a good plant if you are someone who does not have much time to dedicate to gardening. If you liked seeing it, why don’t you dare to grow one at home? We help you with homework.

Characteristics of the wax flower

The wax flower is a hot weather plantso even if it is inside the house we must make sure that the temperature is between 15 and 25 degrees, as well as in a good light environment that allows it to get the sun’s rays, which are what will favor flowering in spring.

However, if you have to choose between leaving them all day in the hot sun or having them in semi-shade always choose the second option, because very direct and continuous rays could damage it.

When you’re not home make sure you don’t leave no air source open, as this plant does not support wind currents.

water a wax flower

Watering will not be a problem, as its fleshy flowers always have a water supply that helps them last longer without being watered. Therefore, it is preferable to be cautious when doing it and it is preferable to do it Moderately especially in winter, when the plants need to absorb less water and therefore you have to wait for the substrate to dry before wetting it again.

The only drawback that this plant has is its intense aroma, which at night can become uncomfortable to bear.

Cultivation and care of the wax flower

  • Lightning: It needs to be in a very well lit place but without receiving direct sunlight.
  • Temperature: it does not resist cold, so it cannot be at temperatures below 10ÂșC. Warm environments are the best for its cultivation.
  • I usually: the perfect one is one that has a substrate that is a mixture of leaves and heather soil.
  • Transplant: It is recommended to do it only when the plant no longer fits in the pot, and always when the end of winter arrives. He doesn’t do transplants very well, so the fewer the better.
  • Irrigation: It must be abundant during the summer and less frequently the rest of the year, so that the soil is always moist but not waterlogged. You will see that it is short of water because the leaves will become stiff.
  • Pruning: do not cut the peduncles of the wilted flowers as this is the origin of the flowers that will appear in the following season.
  • Pass: use mineral fertilizer, every 15 days in spring-summer and once a month during autumn, when it is better to use organic fertilizer. In winter you do not have to pay.

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