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types of potatoes

types of potatoes

Potatoes are the fourth most consumed food in the world, behind corn, wheat and rice. We are talking about one of the types of tubers rich in protein and micronutrients, which in Spain alone has more than 150 varieties and of which each citizen consumes an average of 26 kilos a year. They are used in dishes from all cuisines, such as mashed potatoes, fried potatoes, potato omelette, gratin potatoes or the typical wrinkled potatoes typical of the Canary Islands. Large roast potatoes are also common in the Malaga area of ​​Spain, and patatas bravas are a popular tapa throughout the country.

However, the majority of consumers limit themselves to choosing the potato they buy based on its appearance or price, when it is worth knowing the most widespread varieties of potatoes and how to get the best out of them. If you want to know more about the different types of potatoesjoin us in this EcologíaVerde article.

Types of potatoes or potatoes

As a summary, we can give a list of types of potatoes or potatoes that exist:

  • Mona Lisa.
  • Sour.
  • Kennebec or Galician.
  • Stip.
  • Red Pontiac.
  • Universal.
  • Elodie.
  • Vitelotte.
  • Early or new potatoes.
  • Semi-late or seasonal potatoes.
  • Late or old potatoes.

With this list of potato varieties, we are going to know each of them in more detail below.

Monalisa Potato

The Pope Monalisa is one of the potato varieties with less water content, which makes it very versatile in the kitchen. It is medium in size, oval in shape, soft to the touch and light in color, which makes it one of the best-known types of potatoes.

It is classified as early potato and its high percentage of starch makes it very useful for frying, since it accumulates little oil. Boiled, it reaches its cooking point before other varieties and, in addition, it maintains its shape better, helping the presentation of the dish.

Types of potatoes - Monalisa Potato

sour potato

The sour potato It is a large size, oval shape, thin, light brown skin and yellow flesh. It is a potato especially recommended for frying, due to its low sugar content, and it stands out for its great conservation capacity, which is why it is often used in the food industry to make products such as potato omelettes or snacks.

Types of potatoes - Sour potato

Kennebec or Galician potato

The Kennebec potato or Galician potato is the most popular all over the world. It is a large, fast-growing potato with a strong flavor that is highly appreciated. Its skin is slightly mottled and thin, yellow or light brown in color and its flesh is white.

It is one of the semi-early potato varieties with little water and high starch content, very versatile when cooked but particularly valued as one of the best types of French fries.

Types of potatoes - Kennebec or Galician potato

Potato Spike

The spike is a mid-late potato with a mild flavor that is particularly popular in the north of Spain. It is Extended form and it is consumed mainly cooked, as part of salads or as a garnish.

The Spunta long potato it is a variety that has been genetically modified to be disease resistant.

Types of potatoes - Potato Spunta

Potato Red Pontiac

The Potato Red Pontiac is a type of potato that is recognized by its very red skin and its white pulp, rounded and grainy in texture. Its organoleptic characteristics make it the favorite for many when it comes to making potato omelettes, although it is also valid cooked and as an accompaniment.

Types of Potatoes - Red Pontiac Potato

Universal Potato

It is a potato with one color skin light yellow and very white pulp. The universal potato It is one of the most commercialized varieties and, although it can be used in cooking and other types of dishes, it is one of the most outstanding as potato to fry.

Types of potatoes - Patata Universa

Elodie Potato

Elodie is a early type potato. It is oval in shape yellow skin and pulp of similar color. Its size is medium, and thanks to its creamy pulp its consumption becomes particularly popular in summer or hot weather.

The dad elodie It is one of those considered versatile, so its use is not specialized in frying or cooking; responds very well to all forms of cuisine.

Types of potatoes - Potato Elodie

Vitelotte potato, one of the rarest types of potatoes

also called purple potato for its particular color, both in the skin and in the pulp. Its tones change depending on the specific variety, but it is always striking and very easy to differentiate from more traditional varieties.

This variety of potato is very versatile in the kitchen, although in purees it is especially attractive due to its color. In salads and side dishes, cut very thin, they are also very popular. Now that we have seen the types of potatoes that exist, next we are going to see the types of potatoes according to when they are harvested.

Types of potatoes - Vitelotte potato, one of the rarest types of potatoes

Types of potatoes according to when they are harvested

Depending on your time of collection, potatoes can be classified into three types:

  • new or early potatoes: new or early potatoes are harvested between the months of March and June in the northern hemisphere, before they fully mature. They are usually sweet potatoes or with a mild flavor, with a higher percentage of water and a firm texture.
  • Mid-late or seasonal potatoes: the semi-late ones are harvested between the month of June and the end of summer, again in the northern hemisphere. It is a versatile type of potatoes, halfway between early and late, which can be used for everything in the kitchen.
  • Old or late potatoes: the late ones are those that are harvested in autumn. They are large and their skin is thicker and harder, so they can last for long periods of storage. They are also darker, and their pulp has a high concentration of starch.

If after knowing the different types of potatoes If you dare to grow some in your land, orchard or garden, we recommend you read these guides on When to plant potatoes and How to plant potatoes, in which you will know the best time to plant them and the steps to do so, but also several tips to grow them.

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