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Types of marijuana seeds and names

Types of marijuana seeds and names

Cannabis or marijuana is one of the most consumed plants globally, either for therapeutic purposes or as a hobby. In fact, there are so many medicinal properties, that in various countries marijuana is not only legalized, but is also acquired by prescription. There are several ways to consume marijuana, for example through a cannabis infusion, which is perfect for those who do not have much practice smoking or do not want to. But, in addition, did you know that there are several types of marijuana? If this is the first time you have heard something like this, in this EcologíaVerde article we will explain the types of marijuana seeds and their names.

Main types of marijuana seeds

In a generic way, we can say that there are 3 types of variety or class of marijuana seeds:

  • marijuana sativa: This is a variety of cannabis that grows in humid climates. They are diurnal-growing plants and produce a psychostimulant effect, which leads many artists to consume this marijuana. Furthermore, in the past, cannabis sativa was used to produce paper, which was a much more ecological alternative than the current felling of trees, since it grows much faster than trees, causing a much smaller environmental impact.
  • indica marijuana: This type of cannabis is suitable for arid and dry climates. They are much smaller in size and don’t need much water, making them excellent marijuana plants for beginners and those looking for discretion. They are ideal for night consumption, as they have a powerful relaxing effect, somewhat contrary to that of sativa marijuana. In fact, indica marijuana is often used for medicinal use.
  • Marijuana ruderalis: this marijuana, unlike the previous varieties, does not need light to flower. Its effect is long-lasting stimulating and euphoric. This plant, in fact, is used to create autoflowering hybrid marijuana.

Next, we will tell you more about these types of marijuana seeds and their names.

Types of marijuana seeds and names - Main types of marijuana seeds

Types of sativa marijuana seeds

The main types of sativa marijuana seeds are the following:

  • SuperSilver: It is a hybrid with a 90% sativa variety with a flavor of lemon, spices, pine and incense. It is very easy to grow and its buds are dense and elongated. In addition, its euphoric and invigorating effects are long lasting.
  • Santa Sativa: Santa Sativa contains 70% sativa marijuana, being a cross between Skunk and Northern Lights. Its flavor is reminiscent of cedar, pine, incense and lemon. For its part, it causes a powerful long-lasting cerebral clarity.
  • high-level: This marijuana strain is 100% sativa. The plant is fast growing, producing very elongated buds, full of resin. With a fruity flavor and spicy touches, it is perfect for those looking for a high dose of inspiration.
  • Spicy Bitch: It is a mixture of 80% sativa and 20% indica, being a cross between Queen Mother and AK-47 PRE 2000. Its flavor is spicy with spicy touches. Spicy Bitch has a powerful psychostimulant effect.
  • Llimonet Haze CBD: It is one of the varieties of marijuana with great therapeutic effects. Llimonet Haze CBD generates a powerful lucid and euphoric effect that allows you to carry out your daily activities without any distraction. Its aroma is reminiscent of incense and citrus.

Types of indica marijuana seeds

within the types of indica marijuana seedswe find a great variety and these are some of the best known types:

  • Bubba Kush or Bubble Kush: This indica marijuana strain has a powerful and long-lasting relaxing and analgesic effect. Its flavor is reminiscent of earth, spices, coffee, citrus and fuel. In addition, it is a type of strain that grows very quickly.
  • Critical + 2.0: It is a hybrid with 70% indica variety and 30% moisture resistant marijuana strain. Its flavor is reminiscent of pine, lemon and spices. In addition, its effects are long lasting, being a powerful physical relaxant for its consumer.
  • ICE or Indica Crystal Extreme: It is quite aromatic and frosty in appearance. It is fast growing, it is well grown in about eight or ten weeks, although it does not produce as much as other varieties. It is a mixture of Northern Lights, Afghan and Skunk, so it contains 90% indica and the remaining 20% ​​sativa.
  • Northern Light: It is also known by the name of Super Starry Night and is known for being a hybrid marijuana of up to 11 different varieties. Its effect is smooth, not sudden, and its taste is also smooth compared to other types of marijuana.
Types of marijuana seeds and names - Types of indica marijuana seeds

Types of ruderalis marijuana seeds

To finish with the different types of marijuana seeds and their names, we still have to talk about the main types of ruderalis marijuana seedsa variety less known than the previous ones:

  • Moby Dick Autoflowering: This type of autoflowering marijuana provides quality harvests and great production, both outdoors and indoors. It has a very distinctive smell and taste, especially from incense, lemon and cedar. Its effect is long lasting and is mainly euphoric and stimulating.
  • Dinamex Autoflowering: It is a hybrid that contains mainly sativa but is of the ruderalis type because it is highly resistant and autoflowering. It was originated from Haze 2.0 Autoflowering and Dinamex and has turned out to be very easy to grow. In addition, it produces large yields and its dense and elongated buds give off a citrus smell.
  • Royal Bluematic: They are another of the fast-growing and autoflowering marijuana seeds, as they only need about eight or nine weeks to be harvested. It has a sweet smell and taste reminiscent of blueberry, hence its name.
  • Amnesia Haze Automatic: It is the result of crossing the well-known Amnesia Haze with ruderalis varieties, which promote resistant and fast-growing genetics. It has a marked euphoric effect and its flavor is spicy and sweet at the same time.

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