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Tips for transplanting vines

Tips for transplanting vines

Vines are a fantastic option if you want to cover a wall with plants or decorate a pergola, fence or similar. On other occasions we have already talked about their cultivation and maintenance, so today I would like to focus on what you must do to be able to transplant them efficiently.

Starting from the basis that you already know that transplanting is extracting a plant from one place to plant it in another, in Green Ecology we leave you a few tips for transplanting vines.

size of vines

Vines or climbers of medium or large size they have a little complication when performing the transplant, which means that in most cases it is not done.

Its transplant is usually ruled out since being attached to a wall or pergola it is very difficult to separate it all without it splitting, in addition to the fact that you would have to prune all its branches to be able to do it and it would not be worth it since you would practically be left with a bare plant.

How to transplant the vine according to size

  • If the creeper is small: Wrap the root ball in heavy plastic or tarp and tie it tight so it doesn’t break or fall apart.
  • If it is large: You would have to wrap it with chicken wire and then plaster it to make sure it stays in good condition.

vine species

There are species that have more facilities when transplantingsince others are not able to overcome the fact that most of their roots are broken.

In any case, all plants suffer a little trauma when you transplant them since they lose part of their roots, so they always need time to recover.

Transplant in winter

The transplant of the vine should be done when the plant is in the resting season, which is always winter. Never do it when it’s in the growth phase neither in spring nor summer since you would leave it without roots at the moment when the flowers and leaves need them most.

Autumn can also be a good time, although not in areas where it is warm and the plants continue to grow. Avoid winter times when there are frosts and very cold so that the roots do not suffer too much.

How to do the transplant

When doing the transplant, make sure that the ground is a bit wet before digging it up and do some important pruning to reduce the length of the branches and make their transfer easier.

When you have moved it to its new location you must plant it making a good hole and mixing the soil with organic compost. Water it so that the sprouting phase can begin and make sure that it never dries out since its roots are weak due to the transplant and they need a lot of water to redevelop.

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