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Tips for decorating gardens with swimming pool

Tips for decorating gardens with swimming pool

Without a doubt, having a garden with a swimming pool is today a luxury for hot weather. Being able to go out into the garden and enjoy a dip at any time of the day or night is a real pleasure. Thanks to the combination of a garden with a pool, it is double enjoyment, rest and entertainment, since you have the refreshing pool for the hottest moments and have a good time, but you also have a garden in which to spend pleasant moments in the fresh air, either for lunch, for a snack, for a dinner in the moonlight or simply reading while feeling nature in you.

If you have this open space, surely when the good weather begins it will take on a lot of prominence in your life, and it is not for less. But also to make that outdoor space a pleasant and welcoming space, you must take into account its decoration, prioritizing comfort and enjoyment. Be on the lookout for the following tips for decorating gardens with swimming pool.

care and cleaning

Nobody likes to be in a dirty and messy space, but neither inside the house nor outside. That it is the exterior part of the home does not mean that it should be neglected. When going outside, you like to feel close to nature, breathe and breathe clean fresh air… and that must be accompanied by some proper care and regular good cleaning.

You must take into account the beauty of your garden combined with the pool and enhance this aspect so that every time you look at the landscape you like what you see.

Tips for decorating gardens with a pool - Care and cleaning


To enhance the presence of nature is never too much add large pots with large natural plants that give it that natural touch that we like to feel so much while we rest or take a bath. Whether you have large plants or trees around it, it is advisable that in addition to keeping them in good condition, be aware of the leaves falling to collect them and that they have a neat appearance.

Another idea is to also plant exotic plants that give your garden a different air, they are always beautiful and look great wherever you want to place them.

Pergola and sun loungers

A pergola is great for a garden with a swimming pool since, in addition to being very aesthetic, you can put a table and four chairs below to be able to spend pleasant moments and eat with the family outdoors. If a pergola is too cumbersome you can put a nice outdoor umbrella.

I also advise you to put several comfortable loungers near the pool to enjoy the sun after having taken a bath. Sun loungers are always nicer than putting a towel on the floor, right?

Tips for decorating gardens with a pool - Pergola and sun loungers

for the little ones

It is very important that if you have children at home you take great care of safety, for this you can put a fence or wooden fence around from the pool with a gate. In this way you will prevent them from accessing the pool without an adult with them.

Likewise, it is a good idea to put it in the garden and away from the pool. a play corner for the little ones, such as a toy house adapted for the outdoors, swings such as seesaws or a slide, so that they too have their leisure and rest area when they want to enjoy the fresh air and nature.


Lighting is also important, especially if you like to enjoy the pool on summer nights. For this you can put lights in the pool that are always very aesthetic, lanterns outside and the occasional outdoor lamp to provide you with a dim but warm light.

What really matters in the decoration of your garden with a swimming pool is, above all, that it provides you with tranquility, convenience and comfort.

Tips for decorating gardens with a pool - Lighting

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