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Things you can do in your garden in October

Things you can do in your garden in October

When October arrives it is no longer the heat of summer but it is not cold of winter either. In this sense, it is a pleasant season and you can still use the garden to continue enjoying gardening. Gardening in October is dependent on weather conditions, which can be somewhat more unstable than in previous months. There are many tasks that you can do in your garden in the month of October.

As you know, october is the month of autumnthat month where the colors in nature begin to change and the strong green turns a little more brown, reddish and orange… they are the colors of autumn, and they make us feel good and welcomed by nature.

Planting or transplant

When autumn arrives it is a wonderful time for the soil has enough moisture and make it much easier to plant and transplant. The land is still warm from the hot temperatures of summer but they are starting to get a little cooler thanks to the gentle drop in temperatures of autumn.

Thus, in this way, the plants still have time to adapt to the weather, to its new place and to be able to form new roots that give it life and well-being.

Start giving color to your garden in winter

Even though winter is still a few months away, now is the time for you to plant some flowers and plants that add color to your garden when temperatures prevent you from going outside to enjoy gardening. You can plant roses or other flowers and plants that you know, that you like and that you know are good options to plant in your garden.

Things you can do in your garden in October - Start to color your garden in winter

Prune and fertilize

Autumn is also good time for pruning or fertilization. Pruning is used to eliminate all growth on plants or trees that is not suitable or that will affect the health of the plant or tree. Both pruning and fertilization are two important processes that we must carry out in order to have good gardening. Shrubs and trees will be the first to be pruned, and so will annuals. You need to take into account the use of a good fertilizer that has a high phosphorus content.

But in addition to this, it is necessary -not only in October- that you be aware of remove old flowers to stimulate the growth of new ones. Anything that could be detrimental to the growth of the plant will need to be removed. If you have doubts, do not hesitate to go to your nursery and ask how you should do it taking into account the type of plants, shrubs or trees that you have in your garden.

Fertilization is important prepare it so that your plants can resist the next winter months that are to come much better.

Things you can do in your garden in October - Prune and fertilize

Other ideas to do in your garden in October

Here we give you Other ideas to take care of your garden in October:

  • Check that the soil in your garden is in good condition.
  • Add compost if necessary.
  • Use leaf scraps from your garden to start a new compost.
  • Plant trees and shrubs, making sure to keep them well watered, even during the winter months.
  • Make sure to bring into your home the plants that are not beginning to withstand the cold.
  • Save the seeds that are left over from the plantation for the next season.
  • Freeze herbs or crops for winter use.
  • Harvest the winter squash.
  • Continue harvesting the fall crops you want: beets, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, kale, leeks…

What do you think of these ideas to work in your garden during the month of October? It’s a way you can enjoy your garden before the cold sets in.

Things you can do in your garden in October - Other ideas to do in your garden in October

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