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These plants flower in December

Which blooming plants are available in December? In warm weather, you may still see some blossoming flowers from earlier, but there aren’t too many plants that bloom in December. But they do exist!

Stinking hellebore

We have written on Helleborus foetidus, or stinking hellebore, before . What a wonderful moniker for a plant! The blooms (beginning in December) are also rather exceptional, but you must frequently stoop to appreciate them fully. They hang considerably. And stink? That’s not awful at all.

These plants flower in December

Viburnum tinus

The snowball-shaped viburnum tinus produces white-pink flowers between December and April. The shrub stops flowering during cold, but as soon as it thaws, it resumes flowering. It thrives in fertile, slightly acidic soil.

Witch hazel

In winter, the hamamelis mollis is one of our great favourites. The presence of such a bright bush in an otherwise sparse garden is stunning. It is a golden explosion, particularly when the winter light falls upon it.

These plants flower in December

Winter jasmine

Winter jasmine is a suitable plant to lead along a wall or fence (tie it in!). The yellow flowers that you see from December to February look a bit like forsythia. If one end of a shoot or branch touches the ground, it will take root. That is also a way to propagate the winter jasmine. If you do not want to propagate it, remove these shoots from the ground regularly. Otherwise they run all over the yard.

Christmas rose

Helleborus niger is related to the stinking hellebore, and with a bit of luck the white variety will bloom at Christmas. That also depends on the weather and the species. When cutting off the old leaves in November I see the flower buds again, doesn’t that make you happy?

These plants flower in DecemberWhat is your favorite December bloomer?

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