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The best water to water plants

The best water to water plants

Have you ever wondered what water you should water your plants with? Well, at EcologíaVerde we bring you the answer. Although it may seem silly to some, the choice of water is of great importance, since its quality influences the growth of the plant.

As always, the best option is the natural one, that is, the best water to water plants It is definitely rainwater. However, it doesn’t always rain when we need it. In addition, this option is not entirely recommended for cities with a lot of pollution. In any case, it is better to use the rainwater collected a day after it has fallen from the sky. But, in addition to taking into account all of the above, you should take into consideration the following recommendations.

Beware of chlorine, calcium and fluoride in irrigation water

It is important that you have be careful with water that has chlorinesince this substance is very harmful to plants. The same goes for calcium and fluoride, so make sure the water you use to water your plants doesn’t contain any or high levels of these compounds.

The best water to water plants - Beware of chlorine, calcium and fluoride in irrigation water

The most recommended water to water plants

On the other hand, you should know that you can also use mineral water to water your plantsalthough it will not have as many nutrients as the rain water. Of course, it is best to always water with warm water at room temperature. In addition, in summer it is important not to water when the sun shines the most so that the water does not evaporate and the surface of the plants does not burn.

kitchen water

Although yesterday we already gave you good advice to save water in your garden, you can also reduce energy consumption by using the water you have already used to clean the vegetables that you will eat later or the one that comes out of The shower before being hot. And if you use filters for your drinking water, you can water with the first two charges that are used to start the filter.

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