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The best soil for plant growth

The best soil for plant growth

If you are thinking of planting in your garden or creating your own orchard for plants, it is more than likely that you want to know which floor is better for plant growth. Soil type and quality varies depending on where you are living and even the soil in your garden does not have to be the same as your neighbour’s. The soil that is best for plant growth will directly look at the very plants that grow.

Today, at Ecología Verde we want to talk to you about outdoor floors and indoor floors so that you can see the differences between them and decide for yourself. what is the best sole for plant growth. Do not lose detail!

The floors outside

Outdoor floors are usually of three different types:

  • Of sand.
  • of clay
  • Slimy or slimy.

The ideal soil for most plants is one that is rich in nutrientsnamely, the sandy. But do not get overwhelmed if you think that your soil does not meet the appropriate conditions because you can always modify its conditions and make them optimal with a little fertilizer.

The best soil for plant growth - Outdoor soils

The interior floors

If you have plants that are growing indoors you might think it’s a good idea to dig the soil out into the garden for your plants to grow in, but this is a common mistake and a bad idea.

The garden soil really contains bacteria that can kill your houseplants. There’s another option if you don’t want to use store-bought potting soil: sterilize outdoor soil.

Sterilize the soil outside

If you choose to decide that your indoor plants grow outside, you will have to sterilize the land outside to eliminate diseases, and get rid of insects and weeds. After sterilizing the soil you will have to modify the soil with peat and sand, so your plants will have adequate drainage and the correct air so that there is good humidity.

You can also choose to buy commercial potting soil Because they are very similar and it is more comfortable for you, these soils include peat moss and vermiculite, something that will provide a slow release of fertilizers suitable for the growth of your plants.

Both of these aspects will help your plants grow with strong roots because they will be able to get nutrients, moisture, and proper ventilation.

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