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STIHL battery-powered garden machines

STIHL battery-powered garden machines

With good weather the yard it is full of life and the flowers shine with their own light. But also with warmer temperatures, floors they need more watering, the lawn requires more care and the hedges need a little attention. It is possible to enjoy performing these tasks if you use specific machines to help you. And there’s nothing better than using STIHL, the brand trusted by garden professionals to leave everything impeccable with the minimum effort.


STIHL is a German family business with an international presence and a leader in the manufacture and sale of forestry, agricultural and garden machinery. Since 1985 the group has had a subsidiary in Spain and currently has more than 1,000 points of sale in our country. Its new battery range combines 90 years of experience and the high technology of its professional machines.

The new battery machines are perfect for users who need to carry out gardening tasks and in general for those people who want to take care of their garden without too much effort. Cordless, light, silent, with a great work capacity, long autonomy and a very affordable price, STIHL battery machines are what any garden needs. They are easy to handle and compatible with the tranquility of the neighborhood. In short, they allow basic garden tasks to be carried out in a comfortable and safe way.

One of the most interesting features of the COMPACT battery range is that a single battery can be used with any of the COMPACT machines, which allows you to buy the range little by little without having to make a large initial investment. In addition, STIHL machines and accessories are only sold in specialist garden stores where they not only sell you the machine but also offer you professional advice before, during and after your purchase.

For example, the HSA 56 battery hedge trimmer with AK 10 battery allows you to work with incredible ease. Whatever your hedges are, they will have the shape you want. Using this machine is very simple, it has hardly any vibrations and is light and very ergonomic. In addition, thanks to its double-edged blade, with a drop-shaped tip, it concentrates all the cutting force at the desired point so that you get a perfect cut.

With STIHL taking care of your garden will be easier and more pleasant than ever. All with maximum power and the guarantee of an expert brand in garden machinery.

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