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Shrubs for live fences

Shrubs for live fences

Protect privacy and promote home security It is essential when you have one of those houses with a garden in which you must delimit your territory with respect to the rest of the common space. For this you have several options such as placing walls and fences, although none like fences to provide a more charming and natural look to your garden.

Would you like to enjoy a beautiful fence in your garden? Here are some tips as well as the name of the best specimens to achieve it.

What are fences and their characteristics

In case you are still not clear, a fence is a continuous row of bushes that aims to mark a limit on our land or serve as a wind curtain that protects our home from it.

When thinking about carrying out this natural wall, it is essential make a forecast taking into account the characteristics of each species beyond its aesthetic aspect: if it will be green all year round, if it is too high or low for what we need, what needs they have (irrigation, drainage, sun, etc.) or if at least they resist the conditions of the environment that we provide, among many other things.

Shrubs for live fences - What are fences and their characteristics

Other aspects to consider

It is of special importance consider the height de the specimens both in a first stage and when they are developed, because they must adapt to your needs. Also, if you want to combine several species, you may not be interested in them having too different heights.

Some of the most common species for this type of space are the Nandina, the Oleander, the Azarero, the Immortelle, the Agracejo, the Boxwood, the Duranta, the Cinnamon, the Laurel or the Privet, among many others.

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