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Shrimp Plant Care

Shrimp Plant Care

The shrimp plant has its origin in Mexico and it is a tropical plant which has many species, although only the so-called guttata can be grown indoors. Its scientific name is Beloperone and it has other common names such as chuparrosa, indoor hops or eat me. It belongs to the Acanthaceae family and its cultivation is very simple, so it is a great option to decorate any environment as it is very beautiful and original.

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How is the shrimp plant

This tropical shrub is evergreen and blooms throughout the yearso it is widely used for its great ornamental size.

Its inflorescences form a shrimp-shaped spike that makes them very attractive, and it is convenient to put stakes on it when it starts to grow a lot, as it becomes a climber and is much more spectacular. Although it is very leafy, you don’t need a very big pot.

Shrimp plant care - How is the shrimp plant

main care

The main care of this plant are:

  • Location: it needs to be in a very well lit place, and it can withstand a couple of hours a day of direct sun, but not more. If it is outdoors, during the summer it is better to be in a semi-shaded area.
  • Irrigation: in the hottest season of the year you must water abundantly but without flooding, while in the cold season you have to water what is essential so that the soil does not dry out, but with very little.
  • Plagues and diseases: if it does not receive adequate care, it can be attacked by red spiders and aphids.
  • Multiplication: it has to be done in spring and by cuttings, cutting them about 10 centimeters and removing a few bracts so that they can take root better.
  • Transplant: there is no limit, but let it be during the spring.
  • Pruning: it will only need training pruning so that it will take the path that you want.

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