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Santa Rita plant care

Santa Rita plant care

The plant known as Santa Rita or bougainvillea belongs to the Rubiaceae family and the Ixora genus, which has some 500 species of shrubs. They have their origin in all continents, and there is also a great variety of hybrids and varieties in each species. This particular plant is also known as isoca, ironwood, Maltese Cross, lanthanum, jungle flame, or coralillo.

It is a shrub with leathery leaves that are dark green and oval but pointed. It can reach a meter in height indoors. It produces many inflorescences with tubular flowers that can be of various colors such as white, orange, red or salmon. With the right conditions, it can flourish throughout spring and summer. In the following Ecologiaverde article we will talk about the Santa Rita plant care.

Main care of the Santa Rita plant

  • Location: it has to be in a place where it receives light shade during the winter and more light during the summer, but never direct sunlight. Care must also be taken when keeping it near drafts or heating.
  • Temperature: it must be between 16 and 30ºC throughout the year, and that of the earth must be around 20ºC.
  • Pruning: it will be enough to make one when spring begins, in which you will have to eliminate damaged or old branches.
  • Plagues and diseases: if the environment is very dry it can be attacked by mealybugs. If it is cold it will lose its leaves, while if it receives direct sunlight they will curl up.
Care of the Santa Rita plant - Main care of the Santa Rita plant

Bougainvillea care:

  • I usually: The best option is a 50/50 mix of leaf mulch and garden soil. Does not support calcareous soils.
  • Irrigation: it has to be moderate and always using lukewarm water and without lime. In winter you should water less frequently, and humidity should be high in spring and summer.
  • Pass: apply mineral fertilizer once a month during spring and summer so that flowering is favored.

Cultivation of bougainvillea or Santa Rita

  • Transplant: do it only when it is absolutely necessary since it does not support it well and could die with the change.
  • Multiplication: It is quite complicated for non-professionals, so it is best to buy the copy in an authorized store.

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