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Prune jasmine: when and how to do it

Prune jasmine: when and how to do it

Jasmine, scientific name jasmine, It is a whole genus of about 200 species of climbing and shrubby plants that are very popular in gardening and decoration due to the great beauty of their flowers, with an intense and pleasant aroma in some species. These are plants widely used to decorate walls in all kinds of environments and it is worth learning how to cultivate it properly so that it always looks beautiful and healthy, thus being able to enjoy its smell.

One of the most important care of this plant is pruning, basic to make it grow in the desired and healthy way. if you want to learn when and how to prune jasminejoin us in this EcologíaVerde article.

When to prune a jasmine

When analyzing when it is better to prune jasmine, it is necessary to differentiate between its winter or summer types or varieties. The Jasminum officinaleone of the most common, is one of the summer jasminewhich must prune at the end of winter, when the frosts have passed and it is not long before the warmer temperatures of spring arrive. Thus, the growing season will allow pruning wounds to heal faster. It is also possible to prune after flowering, leaving two to three buds per stem, to stimulate growth in the following season. If it’s a winter jasmineit will be necessary to prune it after its flowering, which usually occurs between March and April in the northern hemisphere.

In addition to pruning to stimulate growth, as we have just explained, a young jasmine will need training pruning during its first years, in order to give it the desired structure. This must also be done within the periods of time specified above.

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Prune jasmine: when and how to do it - When to prune a jasmine

How to prune a jasmine – steps and types

In the pruning of this plant, the first thing is to see what type of jasmine we are going to prune. As always, make sure to properly disinfect all your pruning tools before and after the process. With these points clear, follow these directions to prune a jasmine correctly:

How to Prune Climbing Jasmine

These jasmines can be among the most complicated to prune initially, since their stems, which are often intertwined and very close together, can make the basic approach very difficult.

  1. In this case, it is best to start at the bottom and focus on one stem each time, individually.
  2. Prune branches that are intersecting too much with the ones you are interested in, and try to protect the ones that are growing in the right direction.
  3. Keep in mind that sometimes untangling and orienting them by hand will suffice instead of necessarily resorting to cutting.
  4. Cut everything that is necessary, because if the jasmine has become unbalanced and needs a severe pruning to lighten its weight, this plant will withstand it without problems.

How to Prune a Jasmine Bush

Naturally, in bush-type jasmine, training pruning is more important, since it will dictate the structure, size and shape that the plant will have even more clearly than in climbers.

  1. Cut the branches that grow completely horizontally.
  2. Cut all those that are born towards the interior of the plant.
  3. Of each pair of parallel branches, leave only one. This is intended to allow more light to reach the plant and favor better ventilation, which will prevent fungal problems. For the rest, keep the size of the bush that you consider appropriate for the space in which you have it.

How to Prune Potted Jasmine

Since jasmine is a high growing plant, if you have potted jasmines indoors you will need to prune them more frequently to keep their size in check. Follow these tips:

  • You can prune around a fifth of its new shoots each growing season, but always do this outside of its flowering season.
  • In a pot, it is also important to prune its roots every time you transplant it, especially if you are not going to put it in a larger container.
  • Lastly, and regardless of the type of jasmine, maintenance pruning to remove leaves or branches in poor condition is always important, as well as the removal of past flowers or fruit.
Prune jasmine: when and how to do it - How to prune a jasmine - steps and types

Basic jasmine care

These are the main jasmine care so that it is in good condition:

  • Climate: Jasmines can adapt to a fairly wide range of temperatures, but they do best in hot climates, and they rarely withstand frost. Do not expose them to temperatures below 0 ºC.
  • Irrigation: It is important not to over-water this plant. Water about three times a week in moderate amounts in warm months, and weekly in cool months. In rainy season, you can stop watering. In addition, you can consult this other article on When to water the plants.
  • Light: give it all the light you can, both indoors and outdoors, as it needs it to flourish and develop.
  • I usually: It requires a loose soil or substrate with very good drainage, which you can improve by adding some sand. Enriching it with organic matter such as earthworm humus or compost will help the plant a lot, especially in its growth phase.
  • Subscriber: Like many other species of flowering plants, it requires a good fertilization when the flowers begin to develop. Use specific fertilizer, or enrich the soil with organic fertilizers rich in potassium and nitrogen.

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