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Problems in the growth of radishes

Problems in the growth of radishes

Radishes are one of the easiest vegetables to grow and can also be considered one of the fastest growing, so they are a very attractive option for those who want to have their own vegetables and also want fast, abundant results. and of quality.

But really with growing radishes, there can be some issues that can bring gardeners upside down. But you should not worry because today I want to talk to you about some of the radish growth problems and that way you can prevent them from happening and that yours grow in good conditions and perfect to consume in your diet.

radishes chop

There are times when radishes have a bitter taste and even they may sting by eating them. This happens when the radishes have grown too fast, too slow or just too old. Radishes, in order for their flavor to be optimal, need a cool but warm climate with sufficient humidity for them to grow with good flavor.

radishes have cracks

Sometimes radishes can have cracks. This happens when mature and age. But sometimes cracks in radishes may appear because they have not received adequate irrigation or have had a uneven wateringwhich will make the radish itself try to compensate for the dry time by absorbing a large amount of water, something that will cause it to grow too much and open up through a crack.

Problems in the growth of radishes - Radishes have cracks

Radishes get hard and dry

Radishes need to grow quickly and to ensure that they do and that they grow plump and tender at harvest they will need the optimal conditions. But if the radishes do not get the temperatures they need, nor the water in the irrigation that makes them healthy and healthy, they will most likely become dried, hard radishes.

Radishes do not form

It can also happen that radishes do not form and they are only green. This happens because they have not formed well and their development has not been completed. Maybe don’t have too much room to grow or they don’t get enough sunlight (Although they can be in the shade, they will always need at least several hours of daily sunlight to be able to fully develop).

These are some problems that radishes cause, but now that you know about them, you can avoid them and enjoy a healthy and abundant harvest in your home garden.

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