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plants that bring good luck

plants that bring good luck

In this EcologíaVerde article we want to get carried away a little by the world of superstition and tell you about some of the plants that, it is said, they bring good luck. Although we cannot guarantee that these plants have real “powers”, we do not lose anything if we place a specimen in our home. If they don’t bring us luck, at least they will decorate the space.

the money plant

It is said that the money plant attracts money to the home or business. The best thing is that it is a fairly easy plant to grow.

Plants that bring good luck - The money plant

good luck bamboo

The dracaena sanderiana or the good luck bamboo is also a very easy plant to care for. Apparently it serves to attract good vibes and good energy.

Four Leaf Clover

We could not forget the four-leaf clover. According to tradition, such leaflets bring good luck to their seekers, especially if accidentally found. And it is that each of them represents something: the first, hope; the second, faith; the third, love; and the fourth, good luck.


Basil is also considered a “magic” plant. Apparently, attracts good luck and happiness and is used to give purification baths.


Peonies have been considered a symbol of wealth, luck and happiness from the ancient times.

Plants that bring good luck - Peonies


Lastly, we want to talk about hibiscus, which on many tropical islands are used to welcome guests and to attract the love of couples. And it seems that this colorful flower awakens the hearts of lovers.

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