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Plants for green walls

Plants for green walls

When we talk about green walls we are not saying anything other than having vertical gardens that become green walls. It is a nice way to enjoy your plants without having too much space horizontally. If you have a good wall you can create a spectacular green wall, both outside and inside your home.

But sometimes, when you want to create this type of vertical garden, you don’t know which plants may be the most appropriate, perhaps because of the climate or where the wall is located. But for this reason, in this Ecolog√≠aVerde article we tell you details about the plants for green walls so you can have your vertical garden and that it is colorful and pleasant, in addition to being easy to care for!

Small plants for vertical gardens

The best to have a good pretty green wall is that you choose plants that are small because that way they can be hooked well to the green wall and that they can survive with a better quality of life. The plants with small roots They will also be a good option for your green walls. In this way it will be able to develop better, grow in good conditions and not get sick or have to suffer from pests or unwanted diseases.

Plants for green walls - Small plants for vertical gardens

Hardy plants for green walls

Although they are small plants, they must also be resistant plants. Therefore, you should search outdoor plants that can adapt well to the environment in which you find yourself in case it is outside or that they are inside plants in case you want an interior green wall.

Group for green walls by types

An excellent idea to choose the plants of a green wall is to do it thinking about the types that you want to plant. Once you have it clear, when you place them, it is better that group them by type of plant. In this way, your plants will be able to have a place where they can be grouped in each place on the wall and you will ensure that each one receives the attention it needs according to its characteristics.

It will also be necessary for you to think about the needs of sun and water that each of the plants needs so that they do not lack anything and you can take care of them and that they grow healthy.

Plants for green walls - Group green walls by types

Easy-care plants for a vertical garden

In you vertical garden You can think of putting as many plants as you want, but they should be the ones that you like the most and make you feel good. There is a wide variety of plants, but some that will surely not fail you are:

  • Cat’s claw: The cat’s claw is a plant with a beautiful flower that hardly needs much water because it is considered a desert plant and it can live very well. The particularity of this flower is that it needs a lot of sun, so it is better if you have it in an outdoor vertical garden. You will love how it opens during the day and closes at night.
  • Anthurium: It is a climbing plant and you will love its leaves because they are very decorative (usually red), especially for an indoor vertical garden. They have an oval shape and are quite thick. If you decide to have this plant for your vertical garden, then group them together so that they can have the same care.
  • Geranium: The geranium is a beautiful plant that will add a lot of color to your green wall. They are ideal for outdoor gardens and you can enjoy a wide variety of species and many colors. You will only have to choose those that you like the most to be able to enjoy them on your green wall.

These are just an example of plants that you can enjoy on your green wall, now you just have to think about what are the plants for green walls you prefer and plant them.

Plants for green walls - Easy-care plants for a vertical garden

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