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Pests and diseases of rose bushes

Pests and diseases of rose bushes

Roses are one of the most valued flowers all over the world, due to their ornamental value and the many meanings and meanings that different cultures have attributed to them over time. For this reason, there are many who decide to grow their own rosebush. However, these beautiful plants are susceptible to being attacked by some pests and diseases that can spoil all our efforts and even damage the plant so much that it dies.

If you want to learn how to identify, prevent and combat the main pests and diseases of rose busheskeep reading us in this EcologíaVerde article.

Rose Pests

If you want to know about rose bushes, their care and diseases, first we are going to talk about pests. Thus, although there are many pests that can affect plants, the most common rose pests are the following:

aphid on rose bushes

Aphids are one of the most common pests on all garden plants and all types of crops, and rose bushes are no exception. In fact, the aphid (aphididae) is the main pest of roses. These small insects, no more than 3mm sizeThey tend to be Green coloralthough some species differ on that point.

These pests of the rosebush mainly attack the young shoots, since they suck the sap from the adults. In addition, his larvae form galleries in leavesalso harmful. As if all this were not enough, they excrete a sugary molasses that is a lure for ants and can favor the appearance of the black fungus.

Red spider

Of all the pests of the rosebush, that of the red spider (Tetranychus urticae) is the second most popular. Despite its name, it is actually a small eight-legged mitewhich tends to be reddish or coppery in color but can appear white or black depending on the species.

Like aphids, they feed on the plant sipping its sap Y form thick silks when there are a lot of them. Its presence can be identified by the large number of small discolored dots that can be seen on the leaves of the plants.


The next pest of rose bushes has to do with sawflies or, also known as sawflies (Blennocampa Phillocolpa), since its appearance resembles the blades of a saw.

We noticed the presence of this insect because, to lay their larvae, the leaves of the rosebush are curved. It is in this cavity where he places them. It should be noted that it is not one of the most aggressive pests in rosebushes, since can’t kill the plant.

False caterpillar of the rosebush

The last pest of the rosebush is actually the larva of the Argentina rose, known as the rose wasp. It is a hymenopteran insect that, in larva, has an elongated body and white segments. This pest in rosebushes consists of the leaves suffer from defoliation because the larvae feed on them.

Pests and diseases of rose bushes - Pests of rose bushes
Pests and diseases of rose bushes -

Rose diseases

Among the main diseases of rose bushes, some stand out: produced by fungiwhich attack any part of the plant, especially the roots, but which we can more easily detect by the state of the leaves and flowers.


rust (Puccinia graminis) is one of the main fungi that usually attack rose bushes. Like all fungi, it develops when humidity is very high. It can be easily identified by the presence of orange or yellowish spots and bulging appearance on the underside of the leaves and because they are drying. Of all the rose diseases, this one tends to show up mostly after periods of intense rainwhen the temperature is mild.

powdery mildew on rose bushes

Along with rust, they are the most common fungi that generate rose bush diseases. the oid, Uncinula necator, can be recognized by its formation of white spots on leavesstems or fruits, which end up forming a powder of that gray or white tone, similar to ash.

Appears when the humidity is high and warm temperature. If it is not controlled in time, it will end up drying the leaves and causing them to fall, which can be very damaging over time.

Black spot or Marssonina

The presence of this fungus can be identified by the blackish blotches and rounded shape that appear in some leaves of the rosebush. The Marssonine a fungus that spreads using splashing raindrops or irrigation, so care must be taken with the type of irrigation used.


Another of the diseases of the rosebush is the one produced by the fungus oomycetes. In addition, this fungus does not only attack rose bushes, but can also affect indoor and outdoor plants and can easily spread throughout your garden.

It is easy to recognize if this rose disease is affecting our garden, since it causes yellow and white spots on the leaves, especially on the edges and the tip of these. Sometimes, it can also affect the flowers themselves and generate a powder on the underside of the leaves. On the other hand, this rose disease will cause the leaves dry and fall.

Pests and diseases of rose bushes - Diseases of rose bushes

Natural treatment of pests and diseases of rose bushes

Once we have seen what the pests and diseases of rose bushes are, then we are going to see some of the treatments and natural remedies that exist to eliminate them.

rose aphids

In the case of having to remove an aphid infestation from the rosebush, one of the most natural and effective ways to combat them is by getting hold of ladybugs in our garden. These cute looking little insects are voracious predators of the aphid and will finish off the infestation in no time.

Also works spray them with potassium soapy water or to wash the dishes or, with an infusion of onion or garlic. Garlic broth or infusion and potash soap are also effective in combating red spider mite.

In this link you can learn much more about home remedies to eliminate aphids on plants and how to apply them.

Red spider

One of the basic recommendations to eliminate this plague of rose bushes with home remedies is not to use fungicides that contain chemicals. In this case we must use other biological fungicides or based on natural products that cannot put the flowers of our rose bush at risk.

Another natural treatment option is based on remove manually the eggs and adult individuals of red spiders that are in the rosebush. For this we will only need a cotton moistened in water.

We leave you the following post on How to eliminate the red spider in case you want to go into more details.

Powdery mildew, Marssonina, mildew or rust

Another of the home remedies to eliminate rose bush diseases such as powdery mildew, Marssonina, mildew and rust, is based on the fact that, once these fungi have already appeared, a solution of milk and water that pulverized on the affected areas will help eliminate them.

This solution actually works against a lot of fungi, but if you want to know more ways to combat fungi in rose bushes and other plants, we recommend these other articles from EcologíaVerde, which are very practical guides on How to combat rust and How to combat powdery mildew with home remedies.

We also leave you the following video for you to know others homemade insecticides for plants.

How to prevent pests and diseases of rose bushes naturally

After having seen some of the home remedies for rose bush diseases and their pests, here are some tips to prevent pests and diseases in rose bushes:

  • The garlic infusion: It is also a great preventative against the appearance of fungi and some pests. It should be applied for several consecutive days at times of risk of appearance of the pest or fungus in question. It is advisable to apply the infusion at times when the rosebush is no longer exposed to direct sunlight, to prevent it from burning and to act for a longer period of time.
  • The technique of biological control: it focuses on introducing the natural predator of the pest that we want to avoid into the garden, such as, for example, as we have indicated before, ladybugs to control aphids. If you want to know more about this technique, consult our article on Biological pest control: what it is, advantages and disadvantages.
  • Do not exceed the risks: excess moisture favors the appearance of diseases, and do not wet the leaves when watering your rose bushes.

Now that you know the basics about the pests and diseases that attack roses, we advise you to find out about some more with this other post about Plant pests and diseases: lists and how to eliminate them.

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