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Original gardens with recycled objects

Original gardens with recycled objects

Recycling is not only an eco-friendly gesture and a way to save good money at home. When it comes to inventing new uses for the most different objects, creative ideas can be authentic geniuses that are useful and decorative or simply embellish and add a note of color and originality to our balcony, terrace or garden.

In fact, gardens are spaces that invite you to enjoy with your eyes, either alone, feeding the mind and soul or also to share and show others how beautiful we have that small and at the same time large space that inspires us so much. full of life. For the same reason, we want to help you create original gardens with recycled objectsthat is, a recyclable garden.


We started the ideas of gardens with recycled materials with pots. Conventional pots will turn pale with envy when they take a look around and see those old suitcases, coffee pots, saucepans, wellies or chirucas that have found their place among plants, up to the top of the ground and wasting happiness, with flowering plants, giving a different touch, as fun as it is decorative. Really beautiful corners can be achieved if we know how to combine elements, without overloading, with style and good taste.

Plastic bottles are great protagonists in gardens that make use of recycled materials. Well used as seedbeds or as hanging pots, or to create a vertical garden, in which case we will need a good number of bottles.

Now that you have this idea of ​​recycled gardens with bottles, we are going to continue seeing what else we can do.

Original gardens with recycled objects - Pots

Furniture and sculptures

It is possible to mount a hydroponic system with plastic bottlesalthough for this we will need to have a minimum knowledge about hydroponics and a lot of skill, but we must recognize that, if the result is going to be like the one in the image above, it is well worth trying to be able to have our own hydroponic garden.

Or, for example, put to do DIY, glass bottles are a real gold mine to get small decorative vases in which to cultivate without land. The principle is the same as hydroponic cultivation. Basically, the idea is similar to that childhood game that consisted of placing a potato or sweet potato in a glass of water, holding it with toothpicks so that the roots could access it.

We’ll get to do those hydroponic pots or containers cutting the bottles in half (there are tools to do it, for safety don’t try it without them) and placing the plant in the upper part, fitted with the base, from which it will get the water through the same roots. The result is very decorative, and we can also do it with plastic bottles, although they do not look as good.

If you liked this recycled garden idea, don’t hesitate to take a look at the following EcologíaVerde article with hydroponic plants: types, list of examples and how to grow them.

Original gardens with recycled objects - Furniture and sculptures

Canary birds

Another way to get creative recycled gardens is with cans. the empty cans hung in position horizontal we can make curious, and very useful, birdseed birds, but if we also paint them in colors or cover them with wrapping paper, for example, and hang them with ribbons or colorful scraps, the result will be spectacular. And, in the same way, with other strategically placed objects, it will be easy to build nests or shelters to attract biodiversity to our yard.

We are going to continue reading to see other ideas of ecological gardens with recycled materials that may interest you.

Original gardens with recycled objects - Alpisteros

Tires in our recyclable garden

Lastly, tires are another amazing raw material for our garden. They serve us for make a swing, a gigantic pot and a set of them, or to give a touch of color to garden furniture, for which it would also be interesting to use pallets. Again, as can be seen from the images, painting them with pleasure and without fear achieves great things.

Original gardens with recycled objects - Tires in our recyclable garden

Other recycled objects

In a recyclable garden fits almost everything:

  • Doors
  • Furniture
  • bikes
  • pianos
  • Cars on which moss, grass or climbing vines can grow beautifully, as long as we do it with style and being original we will achieve that decorative effect we were looking for.

The difference between those ecological gardens with vulgar recycled materials and others that we like, enchant and fall in love with is none other than that taste for details that makes a big difference.

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