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Mother-in-law’s seat cactus care

Mother-in-law's seat cactus care

Cacti can be found in many species, not only the best known with spikes but also others that bloom spectacularly and leave a beautiful specimen. The genus Echinocactus has 6 species of cacti originating from Mexico and the southern United States, but the truth is that they can be grown anywhere in the world if the environmental conditions are right.

With the official name Echinocactus, it is known more by names such as mother-in-law’s seat, hedgehog cactus, gold barrel, gold ball or cabucha. It has a spherical shape and a very vivid shade of green, with very prominent ribs and very marked areolas. Its spines are round and very strong, with a yellow or reddish color. It blooms in summer, and its flowers are red or yellow, but they only last 3 days. In the next ecologiaverde article we will explain the mother in law seat cactus care.

main care

  • Location: it needs to be in a very sunny place since it is usually a desert plant. It can live perfectly indoors, but as long as it can receive a lot of sun each day.
  • temperatures: the only requirement is that it can never be below 5ÂșC.
  • I usually: the perfect one is the one that has half leaf mulch and the other half coarse sand. If what you are going to plant is an already grown specimen, add a little lime to the soil to reinforce the thorns.
  • Transplant: whenever you want to do it, it should be in spring.
  • Irrigation: it does not need a lot of water, just water when you see that the soil has dried. It will always need more water in summer than in winter, when you probably won’t water more than a couple of times.
  • Pass: Apply a mineral fertilizer low in Nitrogen every 15 days, but only during the summer.
  • Plagues and diseases: Botrytis can be devastating if you get it, and usually comes from overwatering.
  • Multiplication: It is done by seeds and should be sown in spring.
Mother-in-law's seat cactus care - Main care

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