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Is it necessary to prune the lilac plant?

Is it necessary to prune the lilac plant?

If you have ever had a plant lilacs it is probable that you know that when they grow too much their flowers fade and that is why it is better to do a periodic pruning to maintain their lilac blooming and blooming. If lilacs are allowed to grow they will spread by themselves, without maintenance pruning bushes will be obtained that reach many meters in height and also the flowers will be above your head.

Lilac plants that are properly pruned will flower better, to maintain consistent blooms and a beautiful appearance, it is necessary to constantly renew the plants with a pruning periodic. As a general rule, it will be necessary to have a pruning so that the lilac plant is always beautiful.

When should lilacs be pruned?

The lilacs youths they do not require pruning until they are quite tall. The time to prune mature lilacs is just after they fade. It is something you will need to do to ensure that you can have lilacs every season even if you have to sacrifice some flowers. Early pruning will help you have the plant plus Energy to develop.

Is it necessary to prune the lilac plant?  - When should lilacs be pruned?

How to prune lilacs?

The Golden rule for the pruning of lilac plants is not to cut more than a third of the bush (in stem) each year. This will keep the plant rejuvenating with new stem development and better flowering. Your objective will be to have the bush of the plant of the lilac with 8 or 12 stems of various sizes but all with the same diameter. To start with the pruning you will have to remove the dead, diseased or too thick stems.

Why is pruning important?

It is important that you prune your lilacs so that they do not grow up too and become something more cumbersome than beautiful. Remember that you will only need to cut off the tops of the long stems coming off the plant, something that is shaped in a way that looks sloppy to you. You will be the one with the best criterion to do the pruning and that in addition to being aesthetic, it is suitable for plant.

If you need help pruning your lilacs because you want them to have more branches, because your plant is sick and you don’t know how to do it, then I advise you to go to a professional for advice, since you have to ensure that your plant is in good condition.

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