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Hoya Kerrii: the plant of the heart

Hoya Kerrii: the plant of the heart

Christmas is a time when feelings are usually on the surface and shows of affection are more frequent than at any other time of the year. During Christmas gifts are also made to loved ones and, as you can imagine, from EcologíaVerde we recommend that you opt for plants.

However, we are not going to recommend just any plant, if not the plant of the heart: the hoya kerri. It belongs to a genus of plants that is characterized by having an original heart-shaped bloom. It is also known as heart flower, heart plant, heart cactus or lucky heart.

Characteristics of the Hoya Kerrii plant

Hoya kerrii is a climbing plant native to the tropical forests of Thailand. As you can see, she is known for having some heart shaped leaves very rigid and hard and by the so-called “wax flower”, a summer flower with a very long duration and a very characteristic aroma. This plant is epiphytic, which means that it grows on the trunks and branches of trees where they receive the sun’s rays.

Hoya Kerrii: the plant of the heart - Characteristics of the Hoya Kerrii plant

Hoya Kerrii Plant Care

Although flowering basically occurs in summer, grown indoors and in optimal conditions, it can bloom all year round. In this case, it is best to place them in rooms with lots of lightalthough not directly, and avoid excessive risks.

As for the ground, you must have good drainage, enriched with organic matter. Watering should be frequent, although taking care not to overdo it.

Two ways to plant it

You can choose to plant it in two ways: on the one hand, in small pots to value the heart format; on the other, you can let it grow freely. In the latter case, you should replant it in a larger pot, offering some support so that it can develop and climb.

In any case, you must bear in mind that the plant’s growth process is somewhat slow, so you will have to be patient.

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