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How to water succulent plants

How to water succulent plants

The excess watering It is usually one of the usual causes for which many plants die. Irrigation is a very important aspect in a type of plant such as succulents.

If you have in your yard or in your house some other succulent and you do not know the amount and frequency with which you should water it, do not lose detail because I often give you a series of guidelines so that you do not have problems with irrigation.

Problems to avoid when watering succulent plants

There are many people who mistakenly use pots without holes when growing their floors succulents. The ideal is to use pots with holes so that the water drains perfectly and the plants can grow without problems. Another of the most common problems of succulents is that sometimes they do not have the ideal substrate so that they can develop in the best possible way.

Succulents need a loose, well-aerated substrate that does not get waterlogged. A third problem that they usually have is that on many occasions people water these plants with a sprayer and they do not keep the substrate too moist, something that is essential when caring for succulents. The use of sprayer it is advisable when watering the cuttings or the seeds of succulent plants since in this way the substrate remains moist every day, something that is important for the plant to grow without problems. Once the succulent has reached 4 or 5 centimeters, it is important to continue with normal watering.

How to water succulent plants - Problems to avoid when watering succulents

Watering indoor succulents

Succulents are plants of dry climates and high temperatures that store the water they need in their leaves and can develop without problems. Therefore, when it comes to watering, it is best to soak the entire soil and wait until the soil is perfectly dry before watering again. Nothing happens if the substrate is completely dry for a couple of days, since the plants have stored enough water in the leaves. Therefore, the best way to water indoor succulents is with a watering can and flooding the entire substrate well. Once the substrate is completely dry, you can water your succulents again. It is preferable that the substrate is dry than having it permanently wet.

Watering outdoor succulents

In the case of outdoor succulent plants, you must follow the same method as with indoor ones. In this way you must flood the substrate and let it dry completely before watering it again. The frequency of irrigation will depend on the aspects of climate such as heat or humidity. If it is very hot, it will be necessary to water more frequently, while if there is a lot of humidity outside, the plants will need less water. The big difference with succulent plants grown indoors is that outdoor ones are grown in the ground, so the soil stays moist for much longer and therefore needs less frequent watering.

I hope you have taken good note of all these easy and simple tips when it comes to watering your succulent plants and you do not have too many problems so that they can grow in the best possible way. Succulents are a type of floors that depend a lot on good irrigation when you can enjoy them either inside your house or in the garden.

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