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How to remove red spider mite

How to remove red spider mite

The red spider mite is one of the most feared pests in a large number of countries. These tiny mites are a great danger due, above all, to their high capacity for propagation and reproduction, thanks to which they can infest entire plantations in a few days if not treated properly.

In this EcologíaVerde article we are going to talk about how to remove spider mites from plants. Keep reading if you are interested in discovering a practical guide with remedies and tips to get rid of this plague and learn how to prevent it.

How to identify the red spider: characteristics and symptoms in plants

before explaining how to fight spider mites on plantswe want to detail what its characteristics are and what symptoms can be seen in the plants affected by this insect so that you can identify if this is the problem you are facing or if, on the contrary, it is another pest.

Although it is commonly called a spider, this pest is actually a mite Less than 1 mm in size, it feeds on plants by sucking sap from leaves, stems, and fruits with its stylets. It can also show a wide variety of colors, and despite its name of red spider, it is possible to find colonies of these mites that are yellowish, brown or greenish in color, depending mainly on the climate and the diet of each type. They lay their eggs, which are smooth and spherical, in the underside of leaves. If this is observed with a magnifying glass, the amber eggs can be distinguished, but they are invisible to the naked eye due to their small size.

Between the spider mite symptoms on plantsit is common to find the following:

  • Small chlorotic spots with a yellowish appearance can be distinguished on the leaves. In these early stages of infestation, the pest can be almost invisible to us, and it is necessary to pay attention to these spots on leaves or fruits.
  • As the spider mite multiplies, fine webs can begin to be seen on the plants, which will grow rapidly until they cover a large part of the plant.
  • At this point, the mite forms a highly visible layer at its concentration points, and spreads to other plants using cobwebs, wind, or gravity.
  • In severe cases, plants can become completely defoliated.
  • In horticultural plantations, the fruits suffer stains that greatly reduce their value, causing great economic losses.
How to eliminate the spider mite - How to identify the spider mite: characteristics and symptoms in plants

How to get rid of spider mites on plants

Although it is one of the most common pests in plants, there are many remedies to eliminate red spider mite. These are some of the most common:

Natural predators of the red spider

The use of natural predators as a means of pest control is very habitual. In the case of the red spider, the most common is the Amblyseius. This type of control, however, has the drawback that, once the pest is decimated, the natural predator disappears due to lack of food, so it is necessary to repopulate the crops or the garden from time to time to control pests. Red spider.

Learn much more about Biological Pest Control: what it is, advantages, disadvantages and examples with this other Ecolog√°iVerde article.

pesticide use

The abuse of insecticides or pesticides is never recommended, but there are cases of large pests in which it is convenient to use one and, in addition, many products with the capacity to combat the red spider. Despite everything, this mite is easy to develop resistance to these products, which also protects itself with its cobwebs if the infestation is large. In addition, many pesticides kill a large number of species, and not just the pest to be combated, so you have to try to avoid them and look for other methods or use them little.

potassium soap

It is one of the most popular ecological remedies, since it is not harmful to the environment and, especially when combined with the application of Neem oil, it is quite effective in the fight against this plague. The solution of this product is sprayed on the affected leaves and plants and, in a matter of a short time, a drastic decrease in the pest can be observed. In this other post we explain how to make potassium soap.

Home remedies to eliminate red spider mite

  • The garlic solution It can also be a useful ally when it comes to reducing the number of red spiders. It is prepared by grinding half an onion, 2 cayenne peppers and 2 cloves of garlic and leaving the mixture to rest in a liter of water for about 48 hours, stirring it a little from time to time. After two days, filter it and add 3 more liters of water. Apply it especially on the underside of the leaves.
  • The nettle slurry It is also quite popular, although you should keep this product away from pregnant women, as it could harm the fetus.
How to remove spider mites - How to remove spider mites from plants

How to get rid of flowering spider mites

Really, in the flowering stage synthetic chemical insecticides should not be usedbecause its flowers and fruits are endangered.

Thus, it is best that you use the biological insecticides or natural products, even if they are quite elaborate, such as potassium soap. In fact, in the case of small plants, the eggs and adults can be removed from the underside of the leaves manually with a cotton swab dipped in the soap solution.

How to prevent spider mites on plants

suits do not abuse nitrogenous fertilizersin addition to keeping some humidity levels not too low in cultivation. The use of earthworm humus It also helps prevent the appearance of the plague, since it is rich in microorganisms that are harmful to the mite. In this link you can learn how to make earthworm humus.

In addition, here you can learn more useful information on how to combat pests in organic farming and how to prevent them.

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