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How to plant zucchini

How to plant zucchini

Courgettes, scientific name Cucurbita pepo L, they are one of the most grateful crops to work with, since the courgette plant grows at great speed and is very undemanding with its care. In addition, if you plant your own courgettes in pots or in the garden, you can enjoy exceptionally healthy, tasty and organically grown fruits.

learn how to plant zucchini step by step with this practical guide from EcologĂ­aVerde in which we talk about when and how to plant them in pots and soil, among more related details.

When to plant zucchini

To grow properly, zucchini seeds need a good amount of light and warm temperatures, as they do not tolerate frost. Bearing this in mind, and depending on the local climate, it is best to plant during springusually in the months of April and May in the northern hemisphere.

Colder climates may require that the crop be delayed, just as in an exceptionally hot one it will be advisable to bring the crop a little earlier, since the sun of a very hot summer can be too much for young courgettes.

If you plant in a seedbed or in a pot to grow your zucchini at home and then be able to transplant it as usual, you can advance the planting time a few weeks.

How to plant zucchini in pots

follow these steps to plant zucchini in pots:

  1. If you want to sow zucchini in a seedbed or pot, you can prepare the seeds between the end of winter and the beginning of spring. You can use a seedbed like the ones you buy on any surface with a gardening section or use any other small container, as long as the material is waterproof, like that of a yogurt, and you make drainage holes.
  2. Zucchini seeds grow well in a universal seedling mix, made with equal parts peat, worm humus and coconut fiber, to which you can add some perlite and vermiculite.
  3. Add the seeds in small groups of 3 to ensure that at least one seed from each group germinates.
  4. Bury them about twice their own size deep, water thoroughly, and place the containers in a warm area with soft but abundant light. In about a week, your seeds should be germinating.
  5. Once the plants grow a little more, select the strongest of each group of 3 and, once the plants measure about 10-15 cm, they will be ready to be transplanted to their definitive location in the garden or pot.
How To Plant Zucchini - How To Plant Zucchini In Pots

How to plant zucchini in the garden

Now we tell you what are the steps to plant zucchini in the garden or soil:

  1. The first and most necessary thing will be to prepare the land in which we are going to plant the courgettes. Choose an area with plenty of sun on your land and give the soil a large supply of worm humus or compost, stirring it well at least two weeks before planting.
  2. Once the seedlings are ready, dig a small hole of about 15 cm and fill the bottom with a new supply of humus or organic matter, since the supply of nutrients is one of the most important cares for courgettes. And at what distance are the zucchini planted? This plant can grow quite large, so the ideal is to respect a meter of distance between courgettes. Bury them all respecting a meter between plants and between different rows.
  3. After this, bury the plant almost to the height of the first two leaves, so that it is firmly located and grows more strongly.
  4. After planting, pat down the soil with your hands around it to remove air pockets and water generously.
  5. It is very important to water the zucchini often, since this is the other great key to its cultivation. The ideal is to water around the plant without getting the stem wet, and do it regularly with a supply of organic fertilizer such as liquid worm humus.
  6. If you want to strengthen your crop even more, a good mulch will help the soil maintain optimal temperatures and humidity for the plants.
How to plant courgettes - How to plant courgettes in the vegetable garden

How long does it take for a zucchini plant to grow?

The courgette plant grows very fast, so in a few 6 weeks you should be able to make your first harvest, provided all went well. In addition, your courgettes will continue with the production throughout the summer and even during much of the fall if it is warm.

To know when a fruit is ready to be harvested, a good trick is to gently dig a fingernail into its skin with clean hands: if it sticks easily, it is ready and ripe.

How many courgettes gives a plant

Courgettes are plants that are as healthy as they are productive, so you have to be careful and not plant too much at the beginning, or we will find ourselves with many more fruits than we can consume. If the crop goes well, a few 6 zucchini plants bear more than enough fruit for one family of about 4 members.

If you find yourself with a harvest that is too abundant, the fruits are best stored in a cool and ventilated area, between 10 and 20 ÂșC.

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