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How to plant a palm tree and its care

How to plant a palm tree and its care

Among the wide range of beautiful and exotic trees and plants are the Palm trees. If you already have any of them and want to know how to take care of it properly or, on the contrary, you want to plant it, here are some basic tips. Keep reading this article in the form of a simple and practical guide to Green Ecology if you want to know everything about how to plant a palm tree and its care. Learn about different types, their planting and care such as irrigation and everything related to their growth.

types of palm trees

Between the many types of palm trees that exist and can be planted at home, depending on the space we have in each case, are these:

  • Canary Palm Tree
  • florida palm tree
  • lofty palm tree
  • Walnut Palm
  • Blue or gray palm tree
  • sugar palm tree
  • fishtail palm
  • guadeloupe palm tree
  • princess palm tree
  • curly palm
  • Areca
  • princess palm tree
  • manila palm

And many more. They all have in common their great beautyso it is convenient to know them as well as possible to ensure that they grow healthy and we can give the planet a healthy and strong tree.

How to plant a palm tree and its care - Types of palm trees

How to plant a palm tree

One of the best initiatives we can do, especially if we have a garden or a large outdoor space, is to plant a tree or, failing that, a plant. Many people like palm trees because of their originality and that tropical aspect. It is much more recommended plant palm trees in the ground and let them grow at will, although, if this is not possible due to not having adequate outdoor space, the second alternative is in pots.

There are many types of palm seeds on the market that we can plant ourselves, in pots or in gardens. Many of them germinate in about six weeks. So that the plant develops as it should and does not suffer in its growth, it is convenient to know how to do it very well, starting by choosing the type of seed or palm tree (if we are going to buy it in a nursery) that we want (large, small, with large leaves). …). It is necessary to take into account for this:

  • The size we can accommodate: it is convenient to choose a smaller one if we do not have space to let it grow as it should. There are smaller ones, but many can grow up to thirty meters.
  • The weather in our city or surroundings: and the temperature of our house. Before deciding to plant one, find out which type is most suitable for where you live. For example, the Canary palm tree would go well for a Mediterranean climate, since it is used to higher temperatures and tolerates cold down to a few degrees below zero, but if we live in a city in northern Europe (not excessively cold), we will have to opt for another type.
  • Your degree of tolerance to the sun, cold, currents: each type of palm tree needs particular care. Before planting, learn more about each one to make yourself aware of how you should take care of her and to know if you can give her what she needs.

Once this is done, make a hole in the ground or in the pot that is slightly larger than the trunk of the palm tree, so that it can grow later. Give it the right depth and introduce the tree, until it is well fixed. If it is one of the varieties that needs a lot of sun, orient it properly. Remember to water it well (without excesses) and fertilize it, especially during the first days after planting it.

How to plant a palm tree and its care - How to plant a palm tree

palm tree care

Like all plants and trees, palm trees need electricity, water, fertilizer and appropriate care for each species, so we recommend that you discuss with the store specialist the specific care of the palm tree that you buy according to its species.

In addition, for proper care, especially if they are indoors, do not forget to spray their leaves with water often, so that they do not wither and always look healthy and beautiful, in addition, this will prevent the leaves from accumulating a dust that, in the long run, it could be very damaging. Help yourself with a hose if it were not enough with a sprayer of the use.

They also need to have the adequate humiditytaking them outside often and trying to make the room as humid as possible.

How to plant a palm tree and its care - Palm tree care

How to water palm trees to take good care of them

The form and frequency of watering them varies depending on the temperature of our house and the season of the year. Even if your palm tree is indoors, take it out to the garden or balcony the maximum time possible so that their cultivation and care is much more natural, always trying to put them in the shade so that they do not suffer excessively.

Especially if the palm tree is small, it should not be in the intense sun for more than three hours. The palm tree is not a plant that requires a lot of water (although it does require humidity) and above all, you don’t have to water it too much. Every ten days will suffice in winter, and twice a week in summer. Think that palm trees are trees typical of subtropical zones.

Another thing to keep in mind is that this tree needs to have a “rest” period of about two months in irrigation. This does not mean that we completely stop watering it, but that during this period we do it less frequently. In summer (and always depending on its modality) you can do it more frequently, as we have said about twice a week, always avoiding excessive watering and checking that it is not too soaked with water.

The growth of palm trees and when to transplant them

It is important, equally, that let the palm tree grow at its own pace, with a suitable fertilizer, although the amount is usually small. For fertilizers, those that work slowly are better. The palm tree does not need too many and those that are sold in liquid form are quickly absorbed. Try that everything you “feed” the palm tree is natural.

If your pot is too small after a few months, don’t hesitate to transplant it to a larger one or directly underground. Normally, and although they could reach several meters in height, palm trees tend to grow slowly. Discover in this other Ecolog√≠aVerde article Tips for transplanting palm trees.

Although it is not necessary for the sun to hit them directly for hours (especially the small ones), yes need natural light. Another reason why the palm tree will appreciate being in the garden or, at least, next to a window: the natural light inside the houses is not enough for them.

Take care of the palm tree with care and, for this, never place it near an air conditioning or heating device, nor any other device in which it suffers from drafts, since it and its leaves could suffer. Do not leave it outside in an area where the sun is always in full force, since during the hottest months it could burn easily, always depending on the species because there are those that withstand the sun better and there are those that They hold less.

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