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How to make hydrangea cuttings

How to make hydrangea cuttings

Hydrangeas are one of the most popular and expected flowers every time the warm months arrive. Its flower beds are of difficult beauty to match and are always the center of any garden, terrace or space.

Due precisely to this popularity that it enjoys, it is very common to look for ways to reproduce hydrangeas in order to share or expand the beauty of this plant. The best way to do it, or at least the fastest and easiest, is by cuttings. So if you want to learn how to make hydrangea cuttingsyou just have to keep reading us in this EcologíaVerde article.

How to make hydrangea cuttings step by step

follow these steps to make hydrangea cuttings:

  1. As always, the most basic and important thing to do is get some good pruning shears or a knife if your plant is not very large. In any case, tools must be very well sharpened to make a clean cut, and it is vital that you disinfect them very well before starting and at the end of cutting cuttings on each plant.
  2. Once the tools are ready, the important thing is choose stems suitable for cuttings. Choose a branch that has at least three nodes and on which there are new buds. If your hydrangea does not have any branches that you like to make the cutting with three nodes and you cut a larger one, leave only three nodes when cutting it.
  3. always do a oblique cutso that the wound does not accumulate dirt and closes better.
  4. Once you have your cutting cut, you need to prepare it. Cut all the leaves from the last node and reduces the number of those of the others by half. Thanks to this, the new plant will not lose as much water by evaporation in its leaves and it will be easier for it to become strong in its first days. Now the cutting is ready to be planted.
How to make hydrangea cuttings - How to make hydrangea cuttings step by step

When to plant hydrangea cuttings

Before starting the process of cut hydrangea cuttings and plant themthe first thing you have to know is when it is best for you to cut them, to be able to plant it quickly, since the cutting cannot be kept separately for more than a few days.

Hydrangeas are plants that grow during all the warm months, from spring until the cold arrives in autumn, therefore, it is not a good idea to prune the cutting in these months: the plant is too active and would lose a large amount of sap, nutrients and energy because of the wound. Thus, the best time to cut and plant the cutting will be either in winter or in the second half of autumnwhen the plant is in a state of vegetative rest and the whole process will be much less harmful for her. The ideal is to choose this last moment. A good indication that the hydrangea is at the right time is after its bloom ends, but before the flowers are completely wilted.

How to plant hydrangea cuttings

With your hydrangea cuttings already cut and clean of unnecessary leaves, the next step is to plant them. However, while it is possible to plant hydrangea cuttings in pots directly, helping them root will greatly improve the chances of success of the cutting. There are different ways to think how to root hydrangea cuttings:

  • On the one hand, you can put your hydrangea cuttings in water. Place the cuttings in a container of water, preferably glass or clear plastic, that allows you to see if roots appear at the base of the stems. Place the jar with the cutting in a semi-shaded area or with some light, but always protected from direct incidence. Change the water in the container every 24 hours to prevent mold from appearing in it, and wait for the roots to appear, at which time the cutting is ready to be planted.
  • Another way is plant the cutting in a pot or outsidebut helping him before with rooting hormone. You can buy it at any nursery or specialized surface or, better yet, make your own organic homemade rooting agent, which is even cheaper. The most popular are made with lentils, coffee, cinnamon or soybeans, among others. Keep in mind that the process of making rooting at home is very simple, but it takes several days, so you will have to have it prepared in advance. Thus, you can submerge your prepared cuttings in the rooting mixture for half an hour, and then plant them in substrate or soil. It is always better to use a pot with seedbed substrate for hydrangeas, light, acid and nutritious. Place the pot in a semi-shaded area and keep the substrate moist but never waterlogged. In about three weeks, it should have rooted, meaning your cutting will be successful. Once the first buds have grown, it will be ready to be transplanted to its final location.

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