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How to make a homemade drip irrigation system

How to make a homemade drip irrigation system

All of us who have a garden do not want our green corner to become dry and inhospitable, so it is very important to keep it moist through frequent watering. One of the most efficient irrigation systems is the drip irrigation system. It is possible to make one of these systems at home with materials that we usually throw away. In addition, this will allow us to save a little money on the maintenance of our garden.

In this EcologíaVerde article, we review how to make a homemade drip irrigation system. Take note!

The drip irrigation system

As we said, drip irrigation It is one of the most effective forms of irrigation. These systems are very popular in areas where water is a scarce commodity, since it allows not only a significant water savings, but it is more effective than other irrigation systems. It is a system that directs the water directly towards the vicinity of the roots of the plants, so that we avoid unnecessary waste of water and through drip irrigation, the plants can be properly hydrated for a long time. In this way, it is an effective, cheap and comfortable system to maintain plants in optimal conditions.

In addition, these systems allow the irrigation of areas with more difficult and irregular terrain and prevent the growth of weeds throughout the garden, since they only water the area that interests us.

How to make a homemade drip irrigation system - The drip irrigation system

home drip systems

Day after day, we discard a lot of Plastic bottles. One of the simplest drip irrigation systems, you need a bottle (the bigger, the more watering capacity it will have), a sharp object such as sewing scissors, needles or a knife, and some cords or thin PVC tubes (optional, especially on land that tends to compact). With this material, you have everything to make your home drip irrigation systemalthough there are several equally effective variants.

The possible variants of this type of home irrigation system are:

Bottle with holes in the cap

It consists of making some holes in the lid of the bottle, cutting out its lower part and inserting the bottle upside down in the soil or the pot and connecting it to a hose or tap with low water pressure. It is a very practical and useful system if you are going to be away from home for a long time.

PVC tube or cord on the cap

To make this homemade drip irrigation, you have to make a hole in the cap, insert the cord or tube and fill the bottle with water. It is a system that saves a large amount of water and that the roots of the plants absorb it very slowly.

Put the bottle in the ground without the cap

This other method is really simple and effective. To do this, you just have to make small holes in the bottle, remove the cap, place it vertically in the ground and fill it with water. It is an interesting variant to use it in the garden or in the soil of the orchard.

How to make a homemade drip irrigation system - Home drip systems

solar drip irrigation

It is also possible to make a home drip irrigation system powered by the sun. It is a very easy system to manufacture and it saves up to 10 times more water. In this system, two bottles are used, a large one of 5 L or more, like a jug of water, and another small one that can be 1.5 L or 2 L.

  1. The large bottle or carafe is cut off and the base is discarded, while the small bottle is cut in half and the upper part is discarded.
  2. The lower part of the small bottle is the one that is placed directly on the ground, while the large one is placed on top, so that when you open the cap of the large bottle, the water pours over the small one.
  3. Both bottles are arranged next to the plant that we want to water.
  4. The system uses solar energy to evaporate the water and direct it to where we are interested. When the sun’s rays are directed towards the plastic bottle system, the air temperature rises and the water evaporates. At some point, the air inside the system becomes saturated with humidity and the water condenses on the walls of the bottle, which become larger and larger and slide through the walls. watering the land from around.

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