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How to know if a tree is dead

How to know if a tree is dead

Did you know that a tree can have a few leaves and be upright and yet be dead at the same time? This happens because some trees die slowly, and most die from the inside out. Therefore, to know if a tree is dead we should not look at obvious aspects, but rather internal ones.

Today in Ecologiaverde we are going to explain what are the signals that the tree sends when it is dying and in this way learn how to tell if a tree is dead.

Search the trunk or branches

One of the first things you should do to know if your tree is dead is look for orange mushrooms in the trunk part. On the other hand, you can scrape with a knife a branch and see if it is green. If so, it will mean that the specimen is still alive, but if it is brown, it will mean that it has died. It is also recommended that you move the branches and check their flexibility. If they break quickly, crack or sound dry, they are dead. On the other hand, if the tree does not have buds in late springthis will mean that he no longer lives.

How to tell if a tree is dead - Look at the trunk or branches

Sawdust, ants and mushrooms

Another way to check if the tree is dead is to look for sawdust and ants on the ground where the tree is planted. If so, the specimen could be undergoing a process of decomposition. Also, on the ground around the trunk of a dead tree mushrooms or fungi usually grow.

Factors that can weaken the tree

In the same way, you will have to pay attention to the conditions in which each of its branches is, since if one is dead it can weaken the tree, so you have to prune them. If you do it in time, the tree will be able to recover and become stronger.

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