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How to grow coffee at home

How to grow coffee at home

The best thing to start the day on the right foot is a good coffee and for lovers of this product, it cannot be missing in the kitchen to start the day or to continue in the second part after eating. Have you ever thought how ideal it would be to have your own coffee without having to go to the store to buy it? And it is also that good coffee has a fairly high price.

It seems impossible, right? Is it possible to grow your own coffee at home and prepare it with your own coffee bean maker? Of course yes! In addition to having the coffee plant that will supply you with it with an incomparable flavor, as if that were not enough, you can have its aroma impregnated throughout your garden or in the place where you want to place the plant. Do you want to know how to grow coffee at home? Pay attention and take note!

Find your coffee plant

First, you must find a specialized store to be able to buy the right seeds that they come from a recent harvest and thus they will be able to germinate without problems, because if they give you some seeds without taking this into account, they may not grow or they may not grow correctly. Although another option is to buy the plant already germinated and thus not have to wait for it to do so.

To start farming

To start with the cultivation you will have to put the seeds in the ground new crop (if you don’t pay attention to the soil and put any other that may have some remains of fertilizer you can damage the seeds and roots of the coffee plant). In the seed shop they can advise you on the best soil but you can usually choose any porous soil that allows aeration.

The seeds must be placed inside the soil at a depth of 4 centimeters and your plant should always have a temperature of about 25ÂșC to favor its good growth.

How to grow coffee at home - To start growing

watering the coffee plant

Irrigation is a factor that you must take into account because the first irrigation must be generous and then make sure that the soil is not almost wet to prevent waterlogging since the plants could fall ill.

When to grow coffee

During winter you will not have your coffee because you will have to cultivate it at this time or also early spring (I advise you better this time since it is more propitious for it to germinate due to the temperatures). In a month you will have your plant grown and then you can place it inside your house or in your garden but with sun and shade. When it has flowers you will see how much beauty it gives off and what a pleasant aroma.

You should know that the coffee plant can be between 3 and 7 meters high, but if you prune it properly, you will have no problem keeping it inside your house and thus be able to adapt it to your home.

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