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How to Get Rid of a Pest on a Lemon Tree

How to Get Rid of a Pest on a Lemon Tree

If you are thinking of having a lemon tree in the garden, you have just planted one or you have been enjoying it for a long time, you have to have strategies to prevent it from being attacked by pests. Pests in lemon trees would only spoil their health and you would be left without their beauty and without their lemons, it is better to prevent this from happening! However, it is not uncommon for a pest to appear on the lemon tree at some point.

were you wondering how to get rid of a pest on a lemon tree? Then you have come to the right place. In this EcologíaVerde article we give you some tips so you can protect your lemon trees from damage caused by pests and, thus, learn how to have a lemon tree without pests and also how to cure a sick lemon tree, since apart from knowing its care well To prevent it from getting sick, learning about the treatments and remedies that you will see here will be very useful, since they serve both to prevent and cure the lemon tree.

How to get rid of lemon ants

Ants are beneficial insects for nature, but their capacity as aphid farmers it is a threat that can bring us many headaches in orchards and gardens. By themselves they will not usually be a big problem, but when they transport and protect aphids to take them to the leaves and feed on their sugary secretions, the plant is in danger. If you find ants in the lemon treethe first thing to do is check if they have brought an aphid with them and, if so, treat it as a priority.

Afterwards, it will be enough to prevent the ants from continuing to climb the trunk. There are many resources to achieve this, such as sticky traps used against other insects or the installation of plastic cones, cotton bands or cardboard covered with children’s glue. Of course, it is necessary to check the condition of the traps after the rainy days in case they have deteriorated.

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How to remove aphid from a lemon tree

Whether it has appeared on its own or has been brought in by ants, this small insect that feeds by sucking nutrients from leaves can seriously damage your plant and needs to be treated. Sulfating a lemon tree can be something common on farms, but in the case of small gardens or orchards it is not necessary to go as far and the homemade insecticide for lemon tree can work very well for remove the aphid.

One of the home remedies for lemon pests most common is the garlic solution, which works on all kinds of aphids. Cut five cloves of garlic into small pieces, crush them slightly and let them soak for 24 hours, covered with a cloth or cotton cloth. After that time, put the water to boil, over low heat, for 20 minutes and, once cold, strain the infusion. You just have to spray it on the affected plant as when spraying a lemon tree, up to once a day for a maximum of 5 days, always in the late afternoon.

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How to eliminate a pest in a lemon tree - How to remove the aphid from a lemon tree

How to combat lemon caterpillar

If you find perforated lemon tree leaves it is probably about caterpillars. These are easy to locate, so if they are few, you can remove them manually, always with gloves, without the slightest problem. If the problem is greater, you can resort to installing houses to insectivorous birds, which will take care of them in no time. Another solution is to spray with household insecticides such as dishwashing soap or tobacco.

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How to combat whitefly on lemon trees

With the arrival of autumn, the white fly is another of the lemon tree pests common in some areas. This plague is easily located by the whitish secretions that remain on the underside of the leaves, as well as a kind of black molasses. To combat it in an ecological way, it is best to use potassium soap and spray the lemon tree with it, paying special attention to the underside of the leaves.

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How to eliminate a pest in a lemon tree - How to combat whitefly in lemon trees

How to remove mealybug from lemon tree

the cochineal is another very common lemon pest, which is also usually located on the underside of the leaves. Against her, it is best to resort to homemade and ecological insecticidessuch as neem oil and potassium soap, in much the same way as the other pests mentioned.

Here you can find a practical guide on How to make potassium soap and in this other link you will learn more about the Treatment for cottony mealybug on plants.

How to get rid of lemon leaf miner

The citrus miner it is a pest that is more difficult to treat, since the larva is protected by digging galleries inside the leaves. As it happens with the cochineal, against the miner it works very well. neem oil, which makes the plant sap bitter when absorbed. Dilute around 5 ml per liter of water and water your lemon tree with the mixture. Another advantage of this ecological insecticide is that it lasts up to 3 weeks.

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How to eliminate a pest in a lemon tree - How to eliminate the lemon leafminer

How to remove spider mites from a lemon tree

The Red spider It is another of the most common pests in certain areas, a pest that attacks when the environment is especially dry. Despite its name, it is a mite and not a spider. Fortunately, their treatment is not particularly complicated and most of the remedies listed above work against them.

ecological pesticides such as neem oil wave garlic solution will end the lemon pest if they are applied properly. Increasing the risks and environmental humidity will also help fight against the red spider mite, although we must be careful not to favor the appearance of fungi. Learn more about how to eliminate the red spider with this other post.

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