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How to create a germinator

How to create a germinator

Preparing a sprouter can be a very interesting experience, both for children and adults. If you have decided that you want to know how to create a germinator To be able to have your plants from the seed and thus be able to plant them successfully so that they prosper, keep reading this EcologíaVerde article in which we explain how to make one at home for your home and you will be able to see how a plant germinates.

How to make a homemade sprouter

Follow these simple steps to make a homemade seed sprouter in a very simple and effective way:

  1. enter blotting paper or cotton forming a cylinder and insert it into the transparent glass bottle so that it covers the entire contour.
  2. Fill the central spaces of the jar with a little sand.
  3. place the seeds inside the paper blotter or cotton at a height approximately halfway up the jar.
  4. Leave the germinator in a place where it receives sunlight in the morning.
  5. Keep the sand or cotton wool moist by adding water before it dries. Remember that excess water is bad as the seeds will rot and therefore not germinate.
  6. Rotate the germinator every two days so that all the seeds have the same light conditions necessary to germinate.
  7. Once the seeds have germinated, you can use the germinator as a decoration element.

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