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How to clean green water in a pond

How to clean green water in a pond

Having a pond in the garden is a real pleasure for the senses: being able to feel the freshness, listen to the murmur of the water, observe the life of the aquatic species… Of course, it can become the most special corner of your home, where you can enjoy unique moments. Of course, for it to look good in your garden, it needs some care and maintenance, especially if you don’t want the water to turn too green.

This problem, which is one of the most frequent in ornamental ponds, is due to the presence of algae in suspension in the water. These proliferate by finding in the water an ideal environment to live thanks to the nutrients and light. That is why in the following EcologíaVerde article we will talk to you about how to clean green water in a pond.

Causes of green water in a pond

Among the causes that make the pond water is green It is also found:

  • Excess sun exposure.
  • Overpopulation.
  • Excess food.
  • Poor quality feed.
  • The poor quality of the water.
  • The constant fall of leaves from the trees.
  • The accumulation of stormwater debris.

Therefore, to avoid green water, we must combat everything we have just discussed.

How To Clean Green Pond Water - Causes Of Green Pond Water

Put plants that absorb nutrients from the green water of a pond

One of the best solutions to avoid excess green water is increase the number of plants that absorb nutrients that feed the algae and offer shade to the environment. It’s also a good idea to build pergolas (with or without plants), plant palm trees, use fluctuating plants, or find ways to create shade to balance the brightness of the pond.

Here you can learn +50 aquatic plants: names and characteristics.

How to clean the green water of a pond - Put plants that absorb the nutrients of the green water of a pond

Monitor the amount of fish to take care of the water in a pond

Apart from putting plants to control the amount of nutrients and algae and providing more shade, it is important adjust the amount of fish taking into account the size of the pond and the amount of water that is put into it. If you overfish, they will produce more mess than can be cleaned naturally, and some will probably die because conditions are not optimal for them.

Of course, it is necessary to feed these animals with a quality food and in a controlled way. You should also increase partial water changes to avoid high levels of nitrites, nitrates, etc. and keep the water in your pond as clean as possible.

Other Tips to Remove Green Color from Pond Water

Lastly, to find solutions against green water in pondswe recommend that you:

  • Keep the edges slightly higher to prevent dirt from entering.
  • Protect the pond from falling leaves.
  • Install a UV filter.

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