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How to care for a water stick

How to care for a water stick

The water stick is a houseplant quite popular that is usually decorating the living rooms of many of the houses in this country.

If you’re looking for one indoor plant of your house and you don’t know which one to choose, don’t hesitate to get a water stick as they are very easy to care for and give a quite natural decorative touch to the entire home.

Features of the water stick

The water stick is a plant of tropical origin that is usually located inside the house although it can also be kept outside. It is also often known by the name of the Brazilian trunk and it is a perennial plant with quite long leaves and that they have a small yellow stripe in the middle of them. Another noteworthy aspect of the water stick is a fairly thick trunk with rings. It is not a plant that usually blooms, although on some occasions this happens and the flowers usually give off a wonderful aroma that spread throughout the environment of the house. Flowering occurs twice in the life of this plant, so as I have already mentioned before, it is an exceptional event that rarely occurs. If the plant receives the best care, you can enjoy this process of such an exceptional bloom.

How To Care For A Water Stick - Water Stick Characteristics

Water Stick Care

As I have already told you before, the palo de agua is an indoor plant, so you must be very careful with the sun’s rays, since they could end up burning the plant and seriously damaging it. The most advisable thing is to place the water stick in an area of ​​the house where there is enough natural light. As for the ideal temperature, it is best that the room in question is at about 20 degrees. If the temperatures are too low, the water stick stops developing and the leaves end up falling. Being a tropical plant, it needs a humid environment so that it can grow without problems.

In relation to irrigation, the water stick does not need much water although the substrate must remain moist at all times. It is normal to water it a couple of times a week. If you notice the leaves turning dark and starting to drop off, the plant probably needs some water. On the other hand, the excess watering It can cause the plant to suffer from some other disease. The water stick is a plant that you can reproduce by cuttings or through the trunk itself. If you decide to reproduce such a plant, the best time to do so is usually during the spring or fall. Gardening experts advise transplanting this plant every couple of years so that it can grow without problems. Don’t forget to add a little fertilizer to the plant so that it can receive a series of essential nutrients and can grow in perfect condition. You can buy this organic fertilizer Battle Seeds and add it to your plant.

These are the cares that you must take into account at all times when having a water stick in your home. As you can see, they are care simple that you can do without problems. If you follow it you will be able to fully enjoy this wonderful plant that will give a very interesting decorative touch to the interior of your house. If you are looking for an indoor plant, look no further as the water stick is ideal for it.

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