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How long does it take for a marijuana seed to germinate?

How long does it take for a marijuana seed to germinate?

Today, the cultivation of legal marijuana in Spain is still not fully legislated. According to him article 368 of the penal codethe “execution of acts of cultivation, processing or trafficking, or otherwise promote, favor or facilitate the illegal consumption of toxic drugs, narcotics or psychotropic substances”, including marijuana, is a crime.

This crime carries a sentence of between one and three years in prison, and a fine based on the value of the marijuana seized. However, for self-consumption, and without a standardized limit on the amount cultivated, it does not fall within the legal criminal types.

For those who opt for this modality, and more specifically for indoor cultivation, experts in Eurogrow marijuana cultivation explain in this EcologíaVerde article how long does it take for the seed to germinate and how to do it to ensure a good crop.

Indoor or outdoor cultivation: which is the best option?

those who consider grow marijuana at home for self-consumptionthe experts point out that even before opting for one type of seed or another, it is necessary to decide what type of crop is going to be organized: inside or outside. The recommendation of the Eurogrow experts recommend initially opting for the indoor germination, as long as possible due to conditions and space; in this sense, the grow cabinets They are one of the most used to be able to cultivate indoors.

The reason? Basically because the grower has the complete control of factors outside the plant itself that can affect seed germination and growth of marijuana. These factors range from the presence of snails and other undesirable insects and animals, such as caterpillars, grasshoppers, mice, rabbits and even birds, to inclement weather.

This is how external agents affect the germination of the marijuana seed

All these elements have a direct impact on the cultivation of marijuana, and how long it takes to germinate, and how it does so.

Thus, for example, a marijuana or cannabis seed cannot germinate strongly if room temperature is less than 20 degrees. This not only determines the time of year in which the planting is going to be planned, but also the method to be used.

The snails are especially damaging to seeds and early growth stages of the plant, as are heavy rain, hail or strong temperature contrasts. Of these, excesses are also very harmful to marijuana.

Types of marijuana growing systems

In addition to deciding where the germination is going to take place, it is also necessary to plan which system is going to be followed. Is substrate going to be used, or will hydroponics or aeroponics be chosen? Maybe because of the vertical system?

Between the substrates, it is recommended to use soil rich in nutrients and fertilizers. Instead, the cultivation hydroponic is based on the use of water, being the aeroponic the evolution of it. All three methods can be arranged vertically.

How long does it take for a marijuana seed to germinate - Indoor or outdoor cultivation: which is the better option?

How long does it take for a marijuana seed to germinate?

Cannabis seeds germinate in a time frame that goes from 2 days to 7 days. What is this variation due to? In the cultivation of marijuana, the result will depend on factors such as the genetics of the seed itself, the environmental conditions of humidity, temperature, light that is offered, the type and quality of the stratum that nourishes it and the care that is provided. In fact, there is not even a single method to get seeds to germinate and how to follow natural growth.

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