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holly care

holly care

The holly, scientific name Ilex aquifolium, is a small, slow-growing tree that is very popular at Christmas parties. In fact, the abuse for many years of plants such as holly and mistletoe at Christmas has led to their being endangered and both are currently protected species, so only plants sold in stores can be used as Christmas decorations garden or similar places and have been cultivated expressly for it, never taken directly from nature. For this reason, the first thing you should know is that it is totally forbidden to take holly or its fruits from nature, and in some countries the fines are very severe.

However, as we indicated, it is possible to buy holly trees and plants, which are particularly common in stores at this time, so if you plan to get one or have received it as a gift, read this carefully. practical guide to holly care to learn how to care for a holly plant so that it will be with you for years to come.

Holly Characteristics

These are some of the main characteristics of holly:

  • The holly plant can reach sizes of up to 10 meters, although it is much more common to see potted holly in small bushes. The holly in the gardenInstead, it can grow quite a bit larger, and given enough time reach great heights.
  • The most striking thing about this plant is its bright red fruit, which is also toxic if ingested, so it must be kept away from children and animals in the home.
  • The holly leaves they are rigid, with a serrated edge, slightly prickly and a very beautiful dark green colour.
  • Its trunk is smooth and straight and the plant adopts a pyramidal shape when it grows.
  • Y when does holly bloom? It is in spring when its small white flowers appear and form compact clusters in the axils of the leaves.

If you like this plant because it is resistant to cold and brightens up the landscape at this time of year, before starting to explain in detail how to care for a holly, we would like to tell you that you may also like this other EcologíaVerde article on 10 cold-resistant outdoor plants already the shadow.

Holly Care - Holly Characteristics

location for holly

It is very common to find the potted hollywhich is why many believe that it is an indoor plant, a false impression that is also fueled by the habit of using the christmas holly as a decoration more inside the house. The reality is that this is a markedly outdoor plant, which needs the natural cold breeze to develop properly. The holly needs cold, a slight current of air and indirect light, so it is not difficult to realize that it will hardly survive well inside our homes. Therefore, if you place a potted holly inside the house, it will not last long in good condition and will end up dying, especially if you have it near a heat source.

The best then is to have the holly in the gardenfind a location for semi-shade or shadein an area not too sheltered.

Holly Care - Location for Holly

holly watering

As with many shade plants, the holly plant needs a good level of humidity. It is necessary to maintain a constant watering and frequently don’t let the earth ever dry up completely, especially in summer. If we try to keep the plant indoors out of greater necessity, it is very important to regularly spray its leaves with water.

We also recommend you keep in mind these tips on when to water the plants.

Holly Pruning

In the cold months it is necessary to carry out the holly pruningthat is, between autumn and winter. Y how to prune holly? The most important part is to remove branches that get in the way of each other or grow in the wrong directions, as well as clearing the plant of damaged or unhealthy branches or leaves. In addition, we can take advantage of this to give the tree a training pruning, so that it does not grow more than we want or so that it takes a shape that we like better.

Holly Care - Holly Pruning

holly transplant

This tree has very demanding and delicate roots in terms of moisture levels, so it does not tolerate transplants well. However, it is likely that sooner or later we will see the need to transplant it, the moment in which we decide to do it being very important. Thus, when in doubt as to which month the holly trees are transplanted, it will be vital to do so when the tree is in a vegetative state, that is, the best time to transplant a holly It is during the cold months autumn and winter.

We recommend you read this other article on when and how to transplant a plant.

Why my holly does not bear fruit

It is possible that your holly is not in optimal conditions, which will logically cause it to bear fewer fruits than usual or simply not bear them at all. However, it may happen that you are taking care of your holly to perfection and, despite everything, it does not bear a single fruit. What is this about? It does not necessarily mean that your plant is affected by the holly diseases.

Holly is a dioecious tree, which means that there are male and female plants. Only female holly plants bear fruitso if your holly is male, it will never bear fruit no matter how well you take care of it.

How to decorate with holly at Christmas

There are many ways to use holly in christmas decoration, although the best are those that do not go through mistreating the plant. You can use the remains of the annual pruning to make all kinds of Christmas decorations with them, such as:

  • Centerpieces with their leaves and other dried plants.
  • Garlands for wall or shelf.
  • A holly wreath on the front door.
  • If you only want holly to decorate your home, we recommend using artificial imitations to use them for many years, which are equally decorative, or place the pot as close as possible to a window and away from sources of heat, so that some of the cold of out through the glass.

Apart from the Christmas holly, here you can learn more about typical Christmas flowers and plants. In addition, we encourage you to learn more Ideas to decorate at Christmas, apart from using parts of this plant so typical of this time.

Holly Care - How To Decorate With Holly For Christmas

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