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Growing a Peanut Plant in a Pot

Growing a Peanut Plant in a Pot

The peanut or peanut is a legume plant coming from the American continent and can be grown in a pot. In this EcologíaVerde article, we are going to explain step by step how to grow a peanut plant in a pot

Steps to Grow a Peanut Plant

  1. Mix the following in a pot: black earth, river sand and compost. The substrate must be loose, with good drainage and with abundant nutrients so that the plant can grow.
  2. Introduce two or three peanut seeds –Arachis hypogaea– inside the center of the pot four fingers deep.
  3. Irrigate with special water with nutrients or take advantage of rainwater.
  4. Pull out any weeds or weeds that may grow through the pot during plant growth.
  5. When the leaves have a yellow color, it means that the plant has reached the maturity of the edible part of the fruit.
  6. To determine harvest time, open one of the pods and check that the color inside the seed is pink or red.
  7. Then, pull the entire plant out of the pot and leave it hanging in an airy place that is not in the sun.
  8. When you see that the plant has dried completely, you can take the pods that contain the edible seeds.
Growing A Peanut Plant In A Pot - Steps To Grow A Peanut Plant

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