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Glitter plant care

Glitter plant care

The plant known as glitter belongs to the family of the Commelinaceae and the genus Tradescantia, which is made up of about 30 species of floors herbaceous Y perennials originating from the tropical zones of America. Its best known species are Tradescantia pallida, Tradescantia fluminensis, Tradescantia spathacea, Tradescantia zebrina or Tradescantia virginiana.

The so-called glitter it is also known as setcreasea pallida or tradescantia purpurea, and its origin is in Mexico. It is a perennial hanging or creeping plant that grows very fast and usually does not measure more than 40 centimeters high. The most interesting thing is its leaves, elongated and purple, and its flowers have a nice color but they are not very decorative.

basic care

  • Location: it is such a resistant and versatile plant that it can be developed perfectly both in sunny areas and in shade or semi-shade. In fact, it can even withstand frosts if they are sporadic and of low intensity.
  • I usually: it is not very demanding in this sense, and it can grow even in calcareous. The planting in the definitive place must be done during the spring.
  • Irrigation: it withstands drought very well, so water moderately and let it dry from one watering to another.
  • Pass: You should apply an organic fertilizer only once a year, enough so that it can get nutrients all that time.
  • Pruning: The best time is during the spring to remove old branches, as well as to control their growth and shape them.
  • Plagues and diseases: thanks to its resistance, it is very difficult for it to be affected by any unless you completely ignore its care.
  • Multiplication: it is very simple and can be done by cuttings in spring, summer or autumn.
Glitter plant care - Basic care

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