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Germinate apple seeds: how to do it and care

Germinate apple seeds: how to do it and care

The Apple tree It is a fruit tree of the Rosaceae family that has been domesticated for more than 15,000 years, specifically it began in the border area between Kazakhstan and China. The Romans were responsible for its introduction to Europe and today it is a very popular tree for its fruits, with a large number of varieties and hybrids.

Growing your seeds may not be as easy as it sounds, so if you want to learn how to germinate apple seeds and their carejoin us in this EcologíaVerde article.

How to germinate apple seeds

The process of preparing and germinating these seeds can be quite long, so we advise you to follow all these steps and instructions carefully. The germination process tends to last between 3 and 4 months. You must take this into account, since the ideal time to sow is in autumn, so you should start germinate the seeds in early summer.

learn how to germinate apple seeds step by step with this guide:

  1. To start, you need some apple seeds of the variety you want to plant. Be careful when opening the apple to extract the seeds, as you don’t want to accidentally damage them. Help yourself with a teaspoon to be able to extract them with the least risk for them.
  2. Thoroughly clean the seeds, making sure to completely remove any remaining pulp or fruit, and place them for a full day in a glass of water.
  3. Go to the stratification of the seeds. To do this, you need a container that you can close and store in the refrigerator, and vermiculite. A tupperware is a good option.
  4. Fill the container with vermiculite halfway, and deposit the seeds in it, separating them a little from each other. Then, fill the container completely with more vermiculite, and water the seeds with a water vaporizer, making sure that the substrate is moist but never waterlogged or soaked.
  5. At this point, it is advisable to add some organic fungicide to the mixture. It’s not necessary, but if you don’t, you risk your seeds being attacked by fungi and spoiling everything. Close the container, and store it in the fridge, at about 5 or 6 ºC.
  6. From then on, take out the container with the substrate once a week so that it breathes and you can appreciate the evolution of the seeds. In about 3 months, they should be ready for planting in the nursery.
Germinate apple seeds: how to do it and care - How to germinate apple seeds

Caring for sprouted apple seeds

follow these tips for caring for sprouted apple seeds:

  • In this step you can use a traditional seedbed or a homemade one of any type that you have made.
  • It is important that, in any case, it has drainage holes.
  • Use a mix of six parts black peat moss, three parts perlite, and one part worm castings. In this other post we tell you how to make earthworm humus.
  • Place the substrate in the seedbed and plant a seed in each individual plot or seedbed. Cover them well with substrate, carefully so that none is left uncovered, and apply a little organic fungicide again.
  • Water abundantly so that the substrate remains moist, and place it at a point where it receives direct sunlight.

How to plant apple seeds – pot and soil

In less than two months, your seeds should have germinated. At this time, the seedlings will begin to grow, and they are very fragile. When your seedlings are around 5cm tall, you can transplant them to their outdoor or potted location. The second is recommended, since as we have said, they are quite delicate.

follow these steps to plant sprouted apple seeds For the transplant to be a success:

  1. Transplant very carefully, delicately untangling the roots and removing the substrate that has stuck to them. Here you can learn all about How to transplant a plant.
  2. Once transplanted, place them in a semi-shade area, to expose them to more light as they grow and gain strength.
  3. In the beginning, water them every two or three days in the hot months, and half in the cold ones.
  4. Apply organic fertilizers in the months of activity of the plant to strengthen it, and protect it once a year with ecological fungicides.
  5. When the plant is one year old, it will be ready for transplanting to its final location.
Germinate apple seeds: how to do it and care - How to plant apple seeds - pot and soil

Apple Tree Care

These are the main care of the apple tree:

Apple irrigation and fertilizer

The apple tree requires abundant watering to stay strong and bear abundant fruit. Make sure you water it enough and don’t let its soil get too dry, especially in its flowering season. It is also necessary to pay it in the months of activity, and pruning must be done in winter to give its branches an adequate shape.

mushrooms on apple trees

Fungi are the main enemy of this tree, mainly due to its high demand for moisture. Remove parts of the tree that dry out and apply fungicides, preferably organic, when necessary. Here you can learn about the best homemade fungicides for fruit trees. To learn more about this topic, in this other gardening and horticulture guide from EcologíaVerde we will talk in more detail about the cultivation and care of apple trees.

In addition, when you harvest the fruits, apart from eating them directly or in different types of dishes, you can also take advantage of them to prepare your own vinegar, as this is very beneficial. Here we tell you how to make organic apple cider vinegar at home.

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