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Flower Beetles – Pest

Flower Beetles - Pest

The flower beetle is a beetle that belongs to the Cetonidae tribe and that, on sunny and hot days, is very dangerous for plants. species ornamental, since it totally or partially devours buds, leaves, shoots and flowers. He has a predilection for roses, flowering trees and shrubs. In addition, the larvae of these insects, which correspond to white worms, and which feed on the roots and stems of many garden and orchard species, are also to be feared. To control them, in their two states, phytosanitary treatments must be applied preventive or curative.

The plague

In order to detect this plague it is important to be alert. The beetle it enters the flowers and devours the stamens, pistil, corolla, that is, the most tender parts, destroying them in a short time. The clearest symptom of its presence is a large number of petals on the ground. In addition, the cocoons of many species do not open. In other cases, the flower opens asymmetrically and misshapen. Sometimes they can also devour the young leaves and new shoots. In addition, when flying, they move quickly from flower to flower, so a small colony is enough to cause great damage. The flowers of the affected species are totally or partially destroyed, or fall to the ground, losing their ornamental value.

Flower Beetles - Plague - The Plague

The rosebushes and the beetle

the rose bushes are affected by a multitude of animal parasites and among them the flower beetle ( Cetonia aurata) and other ketones. These insects devour the petals and stamens of roses, especially those that are white or light in color. In these cases, manual removal in the morning is recommended. But in addition to roses, the flower beetle also attacks other flower species such as primroses, lupines, leucanthemums, bougainvilleas, peonies, lilies, etc. flowers of many trees and shrubssuch as willow, hawthorn or viburnum, as well as the flowers of fruit trees.

Flower beetles - Plague - The rose bushes and the beetle

Prevent flower beetle

It is difficult to prevent damage from flower beetle, in its adult state, but not those of its larvae. If the soil is aerated, when digging, the worms are exposed, and can be easily picked up by hand. Another option is to place pots buried to the brim at ground level with water and oil at the bottom, where they will drown. Acting on the larvae will prevent them from becoming beetles.

Flower Beetles - Pest - Prevent Flower Beetle

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