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Cow leg tree care

Cow leg tree care

Known as pata de vaca, it is a tree that is scientifically called Bauhinia forficata and which belongs to the genus Bauhiniamade up of about 200 species of shrubs and trees that have their origin in tropical zones from any continent. Among the best known species are the bauhinia forficata (which we will talk about in this article), bauhinia natalensis, bauhinia augusti Y bauhinia purpureaamong others.

Basic care of the pata de vaca tree

Next we are going to tell you how to take care of a pata de vaca tree optimally and perfectly so that it grows and lasts:

  • Utilization: It is usually used in gardens as isolated specimens, and also on walks. It stands out for its medicinal properties, especially as a diuretic and hypoglycemic agent.
  • Location: needs to be in a place with full sun.
  • temperatures: the only requirement in this sense is that it does not support frost, so the best thing is a temperature that is at least mild throughout the year.
  • I usuallyCultivation: it is not very demanding in this sense, although it prefers one that is light, fertile and with good drainage.
  • Irrigation: it should be moderate since it does not need a lot of water, so let the surface dry completely between waterings so that there is no risk of it getting waterlogged.
  • Pruning: one can be done after flowering to obtain more bushy and beautiful specimens.
  • Pass: the annual garden fertilizer will suffice.
  • Multiplication: it can be done by layering, by seeds (spring) or by cuttings (end of summer).
Cow leg tree care - Cow leg tree basic care

Characteristics of the

the species bauhinia forficata It has its origin in Southamerica, although with the right conditions it can be grown anywhere in the world. It is also known as false mahogany or orchid tree.

It is a tree that usually exceed 5 meters in height and that it has lobed leaves that look like cow hooves, hence its name. Its flowers are white and large, very similar to orchids.

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