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combat rust

combat rust

rust is a fungus It affects many plant species, especially rose bushes. Once it manifests itself, it is quite difficult to eliminate and produces an unfortunate aesthetic effect. His preferred environment is humid. When the rains arrive, it proliferates at great speed but it really manifests itself visibly after two months.

A first symptom that we can observe is the appearance of warts of different colors on our leaves. Then yellowish spots appear that turn brown, like the color of rust. The problem is not only aesthetic since it dries out the leaves, the fruits and the trunk, which can kill the plant. If you want to know how to fight rustkeep reading this Green Ecology article.

rust classes

There are many kinds of rust that we classify depending on its visible color. The black, the brown, the yellow or the orange, they are all the same disease and it is spread by vegetables, fruit trees or ornamental plants.

As we said, the rosebush is its main victim although they also suffer from geraniums, wallflowers, dogwoods, apple trees, tomatoes and a long etcetera. In the face of such widespread aggression, our measures have to be applied to the entire garden.

Fighting Rust - Rust Classes

How to avoid rust

Really the only way to avoid rust is prevention.

  1. First you have to remove and burn all those infected leaves from the previous year.
  2. We must treat our plants with mineral oil combined with a fungicide, in order to eliminate the spores that were deposited before autumn.
  3. In this way and with treatments every 15 days for two months, we will reduce the possibility of the disease appearing.

It is important do not use infected plant residues in our compost as we will spread the plague in the future.

Fight Rust - How to Avoid Rust

What about the damaged parts

It must be remembered that the damaged parts of a plant with rust they never recover, so we must remain attentive to the first symptoms. Rust’s best friends are high humidity and moderate temperatures, so night watering should be eliminated when summer ends.

Regarding the rain, we can’t do anything, just have a good drainage system to prevent the formation of puddles.

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