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Campanula care

Campanula care

Campanula is a beautiful plant which originates from northern Italy and has very characteristic bell-shaped flowers, hence its name. It is also known by the name of Rapunzel since, like the girl in the story, its green stems also grow very quickly and abundantly, being able to climb any surface and forming a unique and very original image.

It is a plant that grows very quickly and hardly needs Energy to do this, leaving a very cheerful and colorful atmosphere in its wake, making it ideal for any time of the year. It is important that you put it in a large pot so that it can grow without problems, since before you know it, it will already be a large plant. Your care is very simple and it will not cost you much work to carry them out.

basic care

  • Irrigation: depending on the time of year you will water more or less, taking into account that the soil must always be somewhat moist but without flooding.
  • Lightning: It needs natural light to be able to develop, and it will be enough to receive some sun every morning, so if you have it in an interior space, it should be near a window.
  • Location: you can go both outdoors and indoors, being very careful with excess sun if you are outdoors.
  • temperatures: the extreme ones do not go well at all, neither above nor below.
  • Pruning: Remove old flowers as you see them so that new ones can begin to appear. You can also do a formation pruning so that the plant grows where you are interested.
  • Plagues and diseases: It is a plant that is very resistant to both, and if you do not get confused in its care, you will not have any problem in this regard.
Campanula care - Basic care

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