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cacti pots

cacti pots

Everybody knows that the Cactus They are very resistant to spending long periods without water because they are able to retain what they need inside. Cacti are a type of plant called succulents and have learned to survive all over the world with more or less water.

There are cacti of different shapes, for example cacti in desert areas are plump and spiny while those that grow in jungle areas are flat or thin and without spines. You can even find types of cacti that have leaves. If you are passionate about this type of plants you will have to know which pots are better for them and so that they can grow and be alive in your home providing you with all their benefits.

The choice of pot

The choice of the pot will have to have the correct size and must have an essential soil for the survival of both the cactus and the succulent plants. The clay pots are a good choice for planting cacti, as well as ceramic pots. If your cactus gets too big then it would be interesting to transport it to another pot of a larger size.

If a cactus is in the wrong pot it can cause its roots to rot. If the plant is too heavy, the ideal is to put a smaller pot inside a larger one and fill the space between them with gravel, so you can give your cactus a heavy enough base without risking its roots rotting.

Pots for cacti - The choice of pot

The size

Both cacti and succulents need pots that are as small as possibleYou will need to find pots that are just the right size to fit the plant. For some plants the holes in the bottom of the pot do not provide enough drainage so you will need to drill additional holes.

Choosing the perfect pot for the cactus

  • First you will have to select a pot that is not too big and make sure that it has enough holes in the bottom.
  • Fill the pot about one-third full with padding material.
  • Test the plant for the size of the pot and center the plant and fill the spaces between the plant and the pot with soil so that it covers the roots and shake the pot so that the soil settles and don’t forget to give it away to start the cactus to enjoy your new home.

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