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Benefits of organic fertilizer

Benefits of organic fertilizer

Keeping the plants, flowers, trees and shrubs in our garden in perfect health and appearance is not only a matter of giving them that care that seems most essential (and we only say ‘they seem’) as watering or pruningwhich seem to have the most direct impact on its development.

And it is that in the same way that our little ones need nutrients and food in addition to the hydration of water to develop in the best conditions, the specimens in our garden will also need to be enriched with these extra nutrients that they cannot fully receive from Mother Earth. Keep reading this Green Ecology article to learn the benefits of organic compost.

Why choose organic fertilizer

Our plants definitely need a little push for development that only chemical fertilizers and organic fertilizers can provide. However, from here we recommend you bet on the second option… The reasons? We leave them below:

  • Organic fertilizer or compost is a 100% natural product from animals, humans, plant remains of food or other organic and natural source and therefore with 0% chemical contributions that will not harm plants.
  • The fertilizer is used to give a punctual nutritional contribution for the needs of the plant at a given time (illness, requirements of the time of year, etc.) while the fertilizer serves to improve the quality of the soil not only in the short term but also in the long term.
  • They reuse the organic matter to allow the carbon fixation in the soilso they are not toxic at all.
  • Improves the ability to water absorption.
  • Usually are home-made or locally produced and therefore they are moved from fairly close places, so they do not require much energy expenditure for their manufacture or for their transport. However, there are some very special ones that are brought from distant places (bat or seabird guano, for example).
  • Precisely because of its ingredients (waste) it is a very economical product.
Benefits of organic compost - Why choose organic compost

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