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ash tree care

ash tree care

Ash is a deciduous tree whose leaves change color in autumn and turn yellowish while the rest of the year they are dark green. It has whitish flowers that have a strong scent and are very showy and pretty. It usually has a height of between 8 and 12 meters although there are some that can reach 40.

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How to care for an ash tree

If you want to plant an ash tree in your garden, take note of the care you should give it:

  • Sowing: Its seeds tend to germinate easily and if they are at about 4ÂșC between 2 and 4 months. In addition, they are usually in a samara, which is the fruit that the ash tree bears.
  • IrrigationAppearance: It needs a lot of watering since the soil must always be moist and cool.
  • Light: It likes to be in the shade, although with a little sun every day and without directly receiving the rays. Does not tolerate strong wind.
  • Temperature: It is very resistant to cold temperatures and even frost, but it does not support very hot or dry climates.
  • I usually: The one that suits you best is the one that is fertile, moist and cool.
  • Multiplication: It can be grafted or seeded.
  • Bloom: It occurs in abundance between the months of April and May.
  • Plantation: It is ideal for green areas such as gardens and parks and is not recommended in a pot.
  • fruitsAppearance: They are elongated and green in color since the maturation process is in autumn.
  • Applications: With the leaves you can make infusions that are very good for treating diuretic problems. They are also used to feed livestock.

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