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Adam’s rib plant or Monstera deliciosa: care

Adam's rib plant or Monstera deliciosa: care

The Monstera deliciosa, also called Adam’s rib, cerimán or skeleton plantis a species of the genus philodendron very popular in interior decoration thanks to its beautiful and large leaves, which seem to simulate ribs. The fruit of the Adam’s rib plant can be consumed approximately after a year of maturation, being elongated and of considerable size, although it is very important to ensure that it is 100% ripe, or it can be detrimental and harmful.

If you want to learn everything about this plant, join us in this EcologíaVerde article in which we offer you a practical guide to caring for Adam’s rib plant or Monstera deliciosa.

Care of the Adam’s rib plant or Monstera deliciosa

This lush tropical plant, native to South America, is one of the so-called hardy houseplants, since it requires little care and is therefore suitable for beginners. Let’s see what your needs are:


Adam’s rib, as a tropical plant, cannot withstand very low temperatures. It can withstand short and intense cold seasons, but temperatures below 0ºC kill the plant.

Monstera deliciosa irrigation

The Monstera deliciosa does not need large amounts of irrigation, since in its natural habitat it tends to be sheltered. A single weekly irrigation will usually be necessary in the cold months, and up to two in the warm ones, especially in very dry or hot environments. It is important to let the soil drain properly after each watering, making sure that there is no puddled or accumulated water in the saucer or pot.

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light and location

This is one of the indoor plants that needs little light, which means that indoors, it will be enough to place it in a lighted room. For this reason and for its appearance it is one of the most used plants to decorate interiors. Outdoors, on the other hand, it is necessary to place the Monstera deliciosa in the shade, since it does not tolerate direct exposure to the sun for many hours. In the same way, it is important to place it away from heat sources or air conditioners, as they would dry it out excessively.

Adam’s rib plant pruning

The pruning of the Monstera deliciosa plant is usually done to prevent it from growing excessively and taking up too much space, especially indoors. What should be done is, with properly sterilized scissors, pinch the developing stem to reduce its height. Also, the cut stem can be used for its reproduction.

Adam's rib plant or Monstera deliciosa: care - Care of the Adam's rib plant or Monstera deliciosa

Adam’s rib plant cuttings

Multiply the Delicious Mosntera by cuttings It’s very easy thanks to aerial roots that the plant creates. These are very resistant and withstand both a wide range of temperatures and low humidity. To make an Adam’s rib cutting simply follow these steps:

  1. Cut a stem below the point where the plant has created its aerial roots. It is important that the cutting has at least one good sized leaf.
  2. Prepare a pot with light substrate, like the one we usually use for seedbeds based on coconut fiber and earthworm humus.
  3. Plant up to two cuttings per pot together, making sure to bury their roots well in the substrate.
  4. Water after planting the cuttings and leave the pot in a lighted room but where it does not receive direct sunlight.

Why does my Adam’s rib plant have yellow leaves?

There are two possible Causes of Yellow Leaves on Adam’s Rib Plant:

  • If the leaves turn completely yellow, it means that you are overwatering your plant. In these cases, in addition, the first yellow leaves usually appear in the lower part of the plant. You must reduce the irrigation doses, letting the substrate dry out and watering less from then on, until you notice that the plant recovers a healthier green tone.
  • If, on the other hand, the leaves show only small yellow spots, which later turn brown, it does not mean that you are watering too much, but that the ambient humidity is very low or, what the sun gives too much directly and/or for many hours. In this case, move the plant to a more suitable location and periodically spray some water on the plant’s leaves to increase the humidity around the plant.
Adam's rib plant or Monstera deliciosa: care - Why does my Adam's rib plant have yellow leaves

Is Adam’s rib plant poisonous?

Indeed, Monstera deliciosa is toxic due to its high content of oxalic acid, which is also present in fruits that have not finished ripening. However, this plant is only poisonous if ingested and nothing happens from touching it or being near it.

Taking this into account, it is not at all dangerous for adults, but it is can be for small children or pets, since they could nibble on it out of curiosity or mistake. If you have children or pets at home, place your pot somewhere they can’t get to it to avoid accidents and try not to leave them alone where the plant is. In case you know or suspect that they have ingested a piece of the plant, contact your doctor or veterinarian and take them to the consultation.

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