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+40 types of kalanchoe

+40 types of kalanchoe

The kalanchoe are actually a whole genus of plants of the succulents or crasulaceae family (Crassulaceae). These are very beautiful plants and, as with many succulent plants, with an appearance that is as striking as it is peculiar. This, together with the natural resistance that most plants of its kind present, makes kalanchoe plants highly appreciated by gardening and decoration enthusiasts.

If you want to learn more about these curious plants, join us in this EcologíaVerde article in which you will see a guide on the different types of kalanchoe. We give you their names, including more than 40 species, we talk about their characteristics and we show photos of the best known and also the most curious.

Types of kalanchoe – list

This is one kalanchoe types listamong which there are well-known species but also others that are not widely used in homes:

  • Kalanchoe beauverdii
  • Kalanchoe beharensis
  • Kalanchoe beharensis cv. fang
  • Kalanchoe beharensis fma. naked
  • Kalanchoe blossfeldiana
  • Kalanchoe bracteata
  • meat kalanchoe
  • citrine kalanchoe
  • Kalanchoe cv. Krinkle Red
  • Kalanchoe cv. tessa
  • Kalanchoe daigremontiana
  • Kalanchoe eriophylla
  • Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi
  • Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi fma. variegated
  • Kalanchoe Gastonis-bonnieri
  • Kalanchoe humilis
  • Kalanchoe laciniata
  • Kalanchoe laxiflora
  • kalanchoe longiflora
  • Kalanchoe luciae ssp. luciae
  • kalanchoe marmorata
  • kalanchoe marnieriana
  • Kalanchoe millotii
  • kalanchoe miniata
  • Kalanchoe mortagei
  • kalanchoe nyikae
  • Kalanchoe orgyalis
  • Kalanchoe paniculata
  • Kalanchoe pubescens
  • Kalanchoe pumila
  • Kalanchoe rhombopilosa
  • Kalanchoe rhombopilosa mannoni & boiteau
  • Kalanchoe rotundifolia
  • kalanchoe scapigera
  • Kalanchoe sexangularis
  • Kalanchoe synsepala
  • Kalanchoe tetraphylla
  • kalanchoe tomentosa
  • Kalanchoe tomentosa cv. chocolate soldier
  • Kalanchoe tomentosa fma. variegated
  • kalanchoe uniflora

Kalanchoe blossfeldiana, the most popular

It is the most popular kalanchoe and also the most common in garden establishments. Noted for its assorted colored flowers but very alive, and for their fleshy leaves and of intense green and of great size. To flower, it needs to be in a location with a lot of natural light, and if the conditions are not optimal, it may not flower every year.

There is a specific variety of this kalanchoe called calandiva. It closely resembles the original blossfeldiana, but its flowers are double, making its bloom even more showy.

+40 types of kalanchoe - Kalanchoe blossfeldiana, the most popular

kalanchoe tomentosa

This peculiar plant with leaves arranged in a star shape is known for its very slow growth, although it can reach heights of up to 1 meter. Its leaves are covered with small whitish hairswhich give the plant a Soft touch and velvety. The tips of its leaves have brown spots, jagged as their margins.

+40 types of kalanchoe - Kalanchoe tomentosa

Kalanchoe Tessa, a flowering hanging plant

East type of kalanchoe received at the time the Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of Garden Merit. It’s about a hanging kalanchoe, which reaches heights of up to 30 centimeters. Its leaves are slightly jagged and fleshy, and its striking pink to red, tubular or bell-shaped flowers sprout from very small stems. It is both an indoor and outdoor plant.

+40 types of kalanchoe - Kalanchoe Tessa, a flowering hanging plant

Kalanchoe Pink Butterflies

Is succulent plant It receives the name for its children, which are born on the edges of its leaves and are of a beautiful pink colour, which makes them look like flowers. Unfortunately, the life span of these pups is quite short.

It is a hybrid between the kalanchoe delagoensis and the kalanchoe daigremontiana. To keep it in optimal conditions, it is advisable to find a semi-shaded location.

+40 types of kalanchoe - Kalanchoe Pink Butterflies
Image: Reddit

Kalanchoe daigremontiana

This is another one of those types of kalanchoe most popular among fans of succulent plants. Its leaves, with jagged edges and dark spots on the underside, are born from thick, erect stems. It is rare for it to flower, but a large number of shoots are born from the jagged edges of its leaves.

+40 types of kalanchoe - Kalanchoe daigremontiana

Kalanchoe thyrsiflora

This kalanchoe can be grown both in the ground and in a pot, although like many other species, it needs a large amount of natural light to flourish. Their leaves are large and roundedlight green in the center and pink at the end, very pretty and decorative.

+40 types of kalanchoe - Kalanchoe thyrsiflora

kalanchoe pinnata

A kalanchoe native to the island of Madagascar, which grows to heights of one meter, and is one of the fastest growing types of kalanchoe. Its leaves are fleshy and toothed, with edges marked by a dark line. It is a succulent that can be kept indoors but, like most, cannot stand the cold.

+40 types of kalanchoe - Kalanchoe pinnata

Kalanchoe beharensis

Also native to Madagascar, this kalanchoe is characterized by being one of the largest of its kind, and it is bushy. It can reach heights of up to 3 meterslooking like a small tree large, fleshy leaves.

It is evergreen, so it is commonly used to decorate gardens or spaces that should not be dirty.

+40 types of kalanchoe - Kalanchoe beharensis

Kalanchoe Gastonis-bonnieri

Another species with the same origin as the previous two. Its name comes from the botanist Gaston Bonnier, in honor of whom it was called. Its leaves are opposite and up to 6 centimeters long, very beautiful and with a silvery stem. they are colored light green dotted with dark spots in pattern, and its flowers are red and with yellow corolla, very decorative.

+40 types of kalanchoe - Kalanchoe gastronis-bonnieri

Kalanchoe arborescens

we end with the largest type of kalanchoesince it can reach heights up to 8 meters. This plant, also native to Madagascar, forms small or medium-sized trees, with a stem that widens at its base up to 10 centimeters in diameter and forks as it grows. Its inflorescences, of alive pink and purple tonesare the most colorful and striking.

Now that you know different types of kalanchoe and if you are thinking of having one in your home, we recommend you choose well which one you can take better care of at home. In addition, we offer you a practical guide on the care of the kalanchoe plant and what it is for.

+40 types of kalanchoe - Kalanchoe arborescens

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